The Bones Baby Was Born in a Manger (Yes, Really)

The event that some Bones fans have been waiting seven years for finally arrived last night: Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) welcomed daughter Christine Angela Booth into the world.

Booth and Bones spent the episode leading up to the birth arguing about whether their daughter should be born in a hospital or at home, and trying to solve the murder of a prison inmate who was stabbed, had his body broken up with acid, and flushed into a sewer pipe. This of course led to heated discussions between the pair about cleanliness, safety, religion, and social customs, which is pretty par for the course for this show. They finally compromised. Bones said she would consent for their daughter to be baptized if she gave birth at home. He reluctantly agrees, but it's moot anyway.

Having over-exerted herself at the prison, Bones goes into an early labor (but not before causing a prison fight) and doesn't make it to the hospital in time. Booth stops at a nearby inn, but . . . wait for it . . . there's no room. After Brennan threatens to give birth squatting on the lawn, the innkeeper allows them the use of the stable around back, and Booth delivers their daughter himself. Afterwards, everyone is all smiles and happiness, and the team is waiting for them back home, ready to celebrate.

All of this should have been very sweet. And it was . . . kind of. But I couldn't get past how very TV it all was. The early, very fast labor. Not being able to make it to the hospital in time. Having the baby delivered by its father. The baby clearly being at least a couple months old. There was no room at the inn and the baby was born in a manger. Brennan sipping champagne and waltzing around not even an hour after the baby is born, with no indication that they were even considering taking the baby to a doctor or some sort of professional to make sure she was healthy. All of these things combined to pull me so far out of the moment I couldn't even enjoy what was happening, which is a shame, because I really liked the episode until that point. It was Bones in fine, wisecracking, disgusting form. Contrast this birth to the moving, very effective sequence of Angela and Hodgins' son at the end of last season, and I can't help feeling that poor baby Christine got the short end of the stick, here.

What did everyone else think about the birth of baby Bones? Sound off in the comments.