Downton Abbey Adds New Castmembers

The third season of Downton Abbey, which is currently filming, will see the addition of some new faces downstairs. The estate is in need of a new footman and that role will be filled by Ed Speelers. He's best known for his role as Eragon. The other footman will be played by Matt Milne. Milne is new to the scene, but did play a part in War Horse. Best of all, Milne's character will be the nephew of our favorite maid-we-love-to-hate, Ms. O'Brien. We can't help but wonder...did he inherit her devious streak?

Shirley Maclaine is still on board as Lady Cora's mother. Dan Stevens and Maggie Smith have not yet renewed their contracts yet for a possible season four and season five, but we shouldn't be too worried. Meanwhile, have you seen this amazing list of "If the Characters in Downton Abbey Were Portrayed By Canine Actors, What Breed Would They Be?"