The X Factor Has Got A Feeling About Fergie

If you’re thinking that it’s been at least a few days since you read the latest X Factor judging rumor, and you’re wondering why things are so slow, we have some news: Fergie has entered the picture.

The Black Eyed Peas-affiliated singer, real name Stacy Ferguson, is the latest marginally talented female vocalist whose name has been dropped in connection with Simon Cowell’s baby. Life and Style reports that Fergie actually approached X Factor producers in connection with one of the open mentoring spots, which fits in with Cowell’s recent comment that several big names have been seeking out the show, rather than the other way around.

Talks are said to be in the early stages, but Fergie fits the primary requirements Cowell has set forth for his ideal new mentors: she is female, American, and a big name; and is certainly no worse a singer than the ladies who have already held the job, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. And since the Black Eyed Peas are infamous for appearing on pretty much any television show that will have them, it’s not as if she would look down on the job. With the Peas currently in something of a hiatus, Fergie Ferg might be the one to help finally put an end to this tiresome search.

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