Our Picks From Pilot Season 2012

Springtime is wonderful--flowers and sunshine and whatever--but there’s another reason for why I love this time of year. Pilot season is here! Networks start picking up potential new shows to prep for Upfronts week in May. (In fact, lots of cable networks have already finished their presentations.) Pilot season is just the beginning. Lots of shows may get a pilot created, but never make it onto the air. However, the reverse is also true. Your new favorite show is probably in production at this very moment. Here are new pilots from each network that we hope get a chance to survive.


How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life

They had us at Sarah Chalke. The premise also sounds cute—Chalke plays a divorced mom that moves back in with her parents. We’re expecting lots of hijinks and parenting style clashes, but also a lot of heartfelt family moments.

American Judy

We’ve heard this one before—a city girl moves to the suburbs and has to adjust to her new lifestyle. What saves it from sounding too overdone is the leading lady presence of Judy Greer. She’s a great actress with some serious comedic chops and is long overdue for a sitcom of her own.



Okay, maybe we’re a hesitant about this one because we all know how great the BBC Sherlock is and how this sounds like a total knock-off. But…it’s a Sherlock story. In New York City. With Sherlock in rehab. So we’ll be following it, even if an Americanized Sherlock could be an egregious sin. Johnny Lee Miller will play Mr. Holmes and Lucy Liu will be his Watson.

Super Fun Night

Inevitably following the success of The Big Bang Theory, Super Fun Night follows three nerdy girls trying to have a super fun time every Friday night. We can’t help but wonder exactly how they’re going to portray these nerd girls.  Rebel Wilson stars.


Friday Night Dinner

It’s a Greg Daniels sitcom based on a U.K. show of the same name. Be still, our comedy loving hearts! The cast seems to be incredibly solid, featuring David Koechner, Allison Janney, and Tony Shalhoub. (But do watch out for season seven when everyone hates each other and the dad quits to focus on his movie career.)

Mockingbird Lane

This Munsters reboot will most likely start in 2013, but that doesn’t stop us from being beyond excited about it. It’s a Bryan Fuller project, which guarantees the perfect mix of macabre and twee. (He’s responsible for Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies.) As a bonus, they just cast Eddie Izzard as the grandpa.


Untitled Mindy Kaling Project

If you’ve read Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?, you’ll know that Kaling’s mother is an OB-GYN. Based on those experiences, Kaling will play the OB-GYN who has to balance her work and her personal life. We think it would make the perfect show to follow New Girl.

Working Class Hero

This animated show, voicing Patton Oswalt, puts a different spin on superheroes. In this world, superheroes are the bottom of the rung and Oswalt’s character is struggling to get by. That premise was unique enough to catch our eye.

The CW

Green Arrow

The first photo from this show just got released. Consensus: There are arrows and it’s definitely green. Stephen Amell takes the lead as Oliver Queen. The show picks up with Oliver returning from five years on a remote island, where he presumably did nothing but practice his archery skills. This superhero story is being touted as darker and edgier. This could easily fill the gap that Smallville left behind.

Beauty and the Beast

Two networks debuting the same story? It’s a tale as old as time. ABC’s Beauty and the Beast will be more on the classical side, whereas The CW’s take is set in the modern-day and has a procedural slant to it. Careful viewers will note that the CW show will be similar to the Beauty and the Beast from the 1980s. We’ll have to wait and see which is the beauty and which is the beast. (Get ready to hear that joke about a thousand more times.)