The Walking Dead Hits More Staggering Numbers

If you looked around online anywhere since the fall, you would have read numerous complaints about The Walking Dead. “Too much talk, not enough action.” “Where are all the zombies?” “Who is Sophia and why are we supposed to care about her?” “Can someone please make a meal of that awful Lori?”

But none of these gripes have had the least effect on the bottom line – far from it. Sunday’s Season Two finale drew a total audience of 9 million, a new high for what was already the highest-rated series on cable. 6 million of those viewers were in the key 18-49 demographic. These figures are records for basic cable dramas, breaking the mark set by … October’s season premiere of The Walking Dead. Incredibly, the show may not have peaked yet.

Those who tuned in (over ten million when you factor in the repeats of the episode) saw plenty of action, as the scene permanently shifted away from Hershel’s farm, where the huge majority of Season 2 was set. And the recent loss of series regulars was offset by the promise of the introduction of a major new character, one familiar from the source comic. Those final moments of the hour ought to keep fanboys happy with anticipation during the offseason. Season Three is expected to once again premiere in October, to coincide with AMC’s famous Halloween programming.