The X Factor In Talks With Stacy Keibler’s Legs

The X Factor judging search has officially entered the silly season. That’s the only logical reaction to the report Monday that Simon Cowell and his people are negotiating with Stacy Keibler.

In its latest report on the behind-the-scenes intrigue on the Fox series, Page Six dropped the news that producers have an interest in Keibler, the former wrestling personality whose major musical experience thus far can be summed up in this way: ballroom hoofing to awful cover versions on Dancing With the Stars, and glumly sitting next to boyfriend George Clooney while the orchestra congratulated Jean Dujardin on his best actor Oscar.

The Page Six article suggests that Keibler is more likely to be considered as a co-host for The X Factor than as a judge, and this we could see. She doesn’t seem to have any other pending engagements, and if there was one thing we heard constantly during the just-concluded awards season, it was how much the camera loves her. Cowell is on record as preferring male and female co-hosts, so with Keibler on board, it would just be a matter of finding a tall guy to place with her.

The story also mentions that the door has not been shut to Britney Spears joining the show as a judge-mentor, despite reports that she has rejected Cowell’s original $10 million offer as being insufficient. This could be a case of seeing who blinks first, since Simon is desperate to add at least one major name, and Britney has to be aware of what reality show exposure has done for the careers of other stars who have joined them.