Chris Harrison: Seacrest Gets All The Crazy Good Moments

Bachelor fans may have noticed Chris Harrison in the background when TV cameras captured The Dictator's stunt on Sunday's red carpet.

For those of you who weren't watching E!'s live red carpet coverage, Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Sacha Baron Cohen (in character as "The Dictator") when Cohen dumped an urn full of "Kim Jong-il's ashes all over Seacrest's Burberry tux.

As he was dragged away by security  guards, Cohen shouted that when people ask Seacrest who he's wearing, he should say "Kim Jong-il." (The "ashes" were later determined to be pancake mix.)

Bachelor host Harrison, who moonlights as a red carpet host for TV Guide Channel, was shown standing near Seacrest on the press line, and appeared to be amused by the entire thing.

He called in to Seacrest's radio show Monday to explain:

"Immediately my tweets and everything else light up that I was laughing at Seacrest when he was getting ‘ashed’ by the dictator. I wasn’t really laughing at you, as much as it was just the astonishment of what was going on at the Oscar Red Carpet."

He added: “I was mad as hell that it wasn’t me. I was immediately jealous that I wasn’t part of the biggest moment on the Red Carpet. I flashed back immediately to the Jennifer Garner moment ... like he always gets the crazy good moments and it’s not fair.”