Angelina's Leg Steals The Show

For Angelina Jolie, the buzz over her Oscars gown wasn't so much about who she wore, but how she wore it.

Red carpet watchers could be forgiven for being initially let down when Jolie appeared on the red carpet in a seemingly unremarkable black Versace number.

But then came "the legbomb."

The actress  livened up an otherwise dull ceremony by awkwardly sticking out her right leg from a thigh-high slit in her dress while presenting the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. The moment went viral when one of the recipients of the award, Jim Rash, adopted a copycat stance onstage. TV fans may know Rash as Dean Pelton from NBC's Community.

Rash has since gone on the record saying the pose was a "tribute" rather than mockery.


The leg has also spawned a Twitter account, @AngiesRightLeg. We fully expect it to cover Us Weekly this week, accompanied by the headline "SCARY SKINNY!"