Is Aaron Rodgers Funny Enough For SNL?

Despite his success, Green Bay Packers quarterback and current league MVP Aaron Rodgers has not made much of a pop culture splash so far, outside of those goofy commercials for State Farm. But that might be about to change.

Rodgers had a major role in NBC’s ridiculously long Super Bowl pre-game show, and despite his disappointment over not being in the game itself, he apparently made a good enough impression on camera to get the attention of NBC’s entertainment side. In his regular appearance on a radio show on ESPN Milwaukee, he said he had spoken with some cast members of Saturday Night Live while in Indianapolis, and got some “feelers” about coming on the show, presumably as a host.

This is the time of year for active football players to make guest TV appearances, as can be seen from several recent spring seasons of Dancing With the Stars. But given his lack of a high public profile, Rodgers would be an offbeat choice to host SNL, especially since the show had another jock, Charles Barkley, serving as host just a few weeks ago. One would think either of this year’s Super Bowl quarterbacks, New Yorker Eli Manning or model-marrying Tom Brady, would be more likely options.