Ranking the Men of HGTV

Two kinds of people exist in the world: Folks who are HGTV addicts, and those who aren't.

Our transition from "What is HGTV?" to "Obsessed With HGTV" began in 2007, when we were looking to buy our first home. And for the 4+ years since then, we've gotten to know, and love, many of the hosts. For one, you never stop getting improvement and design ideas from watching these programs. And for another, handy dudes are sexy. Not all hosts are male, of course, but the boys of HGTV are the stars of this story.

After all, what's not to love about a man who can look at something, say "that's not right," and take care of the problem with a toolbox and a little sweat? Then there are the fellas that can take the ugliest room in the world and turn it into a palace, using top-notch, creative design. Both of those things make us swoon a little. (And husband, dear, if you're reading this, I am fully aware that you don't watch Giada De Laurentiis and her cleavage prepare meals on the Food Network purely to get the recipes, so let's just call this even, shall we?)

Here, we rank the Men of HGTV from hott-ish to hottest:

7. Mike Holmes

Personally, we aren't super attracted to Holmes and his oft-lumberjack appearance. But each time Holmes -- whose show Holmes Inspection exposes problems and defects that home inspectors missed and/or ignored -- imparts his vast knowledge, we get a little more smitten. In minutes, Holmes can size up the condition of a home, and with his dry sense of humor and blunt commentary, keep us interested in stuff we normally wouldn't care about. So while we're not incredibly taken with his blonde hair, white t's and Carharrdt overalls, Holmes is pretty sexy in a workin' man sort of way.

But the clincher? Holmes also has the skills and know-how to repair all the home's issues. When he leaves for the last time, so do the homeowner's concerns. And that's hot.

6. Vern Yip

There's something so adorable about Vern Yip, who hosts Deserving Design, a program in which hard-working and/or selfless people receive makeovers in two different rooms of their homes. Fueled by a likable personality, boyish good looks and a keen fashion sense, all of Yip's surface qualities transfer over to his design, which is as functional as it is beautiful.

Yip doesn't seem to get his hands all that dirty in the process, but his incredibly creative mind and kind spirit earn him major sexy points. Nice guys don't always have to finish last.

5. Carter Oosterhouse

We'll be honest: Oosterhouse was our first HGTV crush. We first discovered him on Carter Can, a program in which he helped homeowners realize design dreams they previously thought unattainable. With his tousled hair and constant five o'clock shadow, he's a rugged kind of handsome, which only gets better when you see him use his building and carpentry skills to create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. And, did we mention he's also environmentally friendly in most of his projects?

Come to mama, Carter. Come to mama.

4. Jonathan and Drew Scott

We hate to lump these two together, but as identical twins they're kind of a package deal anyway. The hosts of The Property Brothers, the Scott brothers find solid-but-dilapidated homes for buyers at good prices, then transform them into the homes of their dreams. Super smart, incredibly talented and a little bit scruffy, these two take a home from zero to hero in a matter of weeks.  Plus, you get the same face in two forms: Drew (who handles the negotiation and purchase of homes) is more clean-cut, boasting short hair and a preppy style; while Jonathan (who does most of the design and handywork) has longer hair, a five o'clock shadow and does manual labor from sun-up to sun-down.

Twins for the win!

3. Antonio Bellatore

We've always had a thing for dudes with an edge and (good) tattoos, so that's a big draw to Antonio Bellatore, who earned his own show, The Antonio Project, after winning season four of Design Star. The son of two artists and a guitarist in hardcore bands (!), we've seen Bellatore transform everything from punk rock clothing stores and music studios to Mario Lopez' home gym.

But there's a big, fat pile of icing on this cake. Bellatore is an animal lover, who rescued his English Bulldog, Chewie, in 2007. Folks, the tatted up, bearded man who plays hardcore music also made a Facebook page for his dog. Love! Him!

2. Dave Bromstad

A person would have to be nuts not to appreciate David Bromstad, the winner of HGTV's debut season of  Design Star and host of his makeover show, Color Splash.

His cheerful, playful personality not only makes for entertaining TV, it also comes through in his creative room design in this Florida-based show. In addition to making over rooms using creative color schemes and complimentary patterns, the artist also creates totally awesome original artwork to leave with each homeowner.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, because all this talent is wrapped up in a gorgeous, tanned, chiseled, gorgeous with a pearly white smile. And while Bromstad pulls off many different fashion looks with ease, he also goes shirtless. A lot. A whole lot. Hey, man. It's hot in Miami... who are we to complain?

1. Scott McGillivray

Scott McGillivray, who hosts Income Property -- a show where homeowners convert part of their home into a rental unit -- is the total package.

He can assess everything that needs to be done, internally and cosmetically, in a dilapidated space. He can redesign the floor plan to maximize space, usability and potential income. He does much of the work himself, with the help of a staff. And when it's done, he stages a beautiful place that would be a privilege to rent.

In short, McGillivray is a smart, well-rounded dreamboat in a tool belt. You practically see all the wives melt when he shows up at their door for the first time, but he's even more handsome by the end of the day, when his longish bangs are all tousled after all his hard work.

He's not afraid to get dirty, but when you rinse him off? Prettiest package you've ever seen.