Supercut: Jason Statham Driving Angry

Good news for "Parker" star Jason Statham: If the whole acting thing doesn't work out, he has a great fall-back career as a professional driver.

If you have any doubt about Statham's behind-the-wheel prowess, this high voltage supercut featuring scenes of every high-speed chase, vehicular getaway and joyride in Statham's movies should clear it right up.

So put the pedal to the metal -- or, more accurately, press play -- and enjoy Jason Statham driving angry. Video edited by Avaryl Halley

Movies Featured (Click to Buy):

The Transporter | The Transporter 2 | The Transporter 3 | Crank | Crank 2 | The Italian Job | Death Race | Killer Elite | War | The Mechanic

Music Featured:

DJ Shadow: Mashin on the Motorway