2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards Live Diary

Can we interest in you in a live blog of the 2012 SAG Awards? Our friend Brad from RopeofSilicon.com is here, and we're ready to get this party started.

[4:06:46 PM] Brad says: : And we are live! Giuliana is interviewing Michelle Williams who tells us her next project is… nothing. We have breaking news here folks!

[4:14:32 PM] Brad says: Melissa McCarthy has arrived. Wouldn't it be a shocker if she won Supporting Actress over Octavia Spencer? Any chance? No…

[4:22:24 PM] Brad says: Giuliana just asked who I think will be the best dressed… I feel so ashamed for watching this.

[4:25:41 PM] Brad says: I just received the press release announcing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and “Game of Thrones” won the SAG Awards for Best Stunt Performers.

[4:33:09 PM] Laremy says:: Hi, I am here!

[4:33:12 PM] Brad says: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are married? I did not know this. I really don't pay attention to celeb gossip.

[4:34:09 PM] Brad says: Quote from Giuliana: "Jane Lynch is about to come up here. Oh my God, it is getting crazy." I'll let you fill in the punchline.

[4:34:54 PM] Laremy says:: You watch that Bulls – Heat game? Derrick Rose should win all the acting awards they are giving away tonight. He flopped harder than Burlesque.

[4:37:14 PM] Brad says: Angelina Jolie just showed up and she is skinnier than Giuliana. How is that possible?

[4:38:41 PM] Laremy says:: What TV awards do they give away tonight? Best show starring half a man and Ashton Kutcher?

[4:39:50 PM] Laremy says:: Re: the skinny Jolie, everyone knows if she looks underweight here that means she's around 25lbs light in real life. #justsaid

[4:41:12 PM] Laremy says:: Rancic asks very terrible personal questions. To Streep: "Are you friends with Brad and Angelina?" What is she supposed to say there? "No, they sacrifice goats, so we don't tend to hang out. Pretty strange."

[4:42:34 PM] Brad says: I hope Giuliana says "Brad and Angelina" again. As if asking Meryl Streep if she knew them wasn't enough.

[4:45:58 PM] Laremy says:: We're only 15 minutes away! I'm still going Clooney/Davis/Spencer/Plummer. Very chalk, I realize. Oh, and The Help for ensemble. Basically, the only controversy will be the "I'm an actor"opening speeches.

[5:01:24 PM] Brad says: I am so excited for the "I'm an actor" introduction where they all tell us "funny" stories about how they became actors.

[5:02:24 PM] Brad says: Hey, it's that guy from "Two and a Half Men"… I don't know his name.

[5:02:43 PM] Laremy says:: Wow, going after astronauts early! Bold move by Jon Cryer.

[5:02:52 PM] Brad says: Oh, it's Jon Cryer… he's an actor.

[5:03:23 PM] Brad says: Emily Watson is an actor too?

[5:04:21 PM] Brad says: Amber Riley is an actor and so is Jim Parsons.

[5:04:41 PM] Brad says: Michelle Williams is our first presenter and she will hand out the award for…

[5:04:48 PM] Laremy says:: Long-time readers of the live blog remember when they took the "I'm an Actor" segment very seriously. Not anymore. They've become self aware.

[5:05:07 PM] Brad says: Best Supporting Actor… in a Movie! Let's say Plummer and move on shall we?

5:06:38 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role is Christopher Plummer (Beginners)

[5:07:54 PM] Brad says: Nick Nolte looks like Kenny Rogers… either that or I am crazy.

[5:09:06 PM] Laremy says:: Plummer is sweeping through this awards season like the Mongol horde.

[5:09:44 PM] Brad says: Clooney and Shailene Woodley are out to introduce their film, The Descendants, as one of the night's Best Ensemble nominees. Not sure what I think about the actual cast announcing their own film, but, whatever…

[5:10:10 PM] Brad says: By the way, is Matthew Lillard going to start getting more real acting jobs thanks to that film?

[5:10:24 PM] Laremy says:: Shailene Woodley seems very poised. At her age I'm fairly certain my main accomplishment was ordering pizza via the phone.

[5:10:40 PM] Laremy says:: Don Cheadle is here, he's an actor.

[5:10:51 PM] Brad says: Don (go see The Guard) Cheadle is out to present the winners for Best Supporting Actress in a movie…

[5:11:10 PM] Laremy says:: I like that The SAG Awards go big early. Here comes a little love for Octavia Spencer, yes?

[5:11:26 PM] Brad says: We all pretty much agree on Octavia Spencer right? Yet, I wouldn't be overly surprised if Bejo won.

5:12:27 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role is Octavia Spencer (The Help)

[5:13:01 PM] Brad says: Sort of surprised they went with two movie awards right out of the gate, but I guess that just means nothing but TV now until the end.

[5:13:06 PM] Laremy says:: If they didn't do TV awards they could cut this show down to half an hour.

5:19:28 PM] Brad says: "The Mentalist" solves crimes with his mind. Can you top that? No, didn't think so. Oh, yeah, we're on a commercial break.

[5:19:37 PM] Laremy says:: Does the mentalist ever say "Give me a second, I'm thinking here." If I were the screenwriter for that show, that would be my go to move.

[5:21:13 PM] Brad says: Julianna Margulies and Bryan Cranston are out to present Best Actor in a Comedy Series. I always go to Alec Baldwin, every now and then he wins.

[5:21:59 PM] Brad says: Oh yeah, "Modern Family" is popular too.

[5:22:34 PM] Brad says: Everyone likes Eric Stonestreet right?

5:22:45 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series is Alec Baldwin ("30 Rock")

[5:23:07 PM] Brad says: There you have it… gut instinct, his sixth consecutive SAG award in this category.

[5:23:35 PM] Laremy says:: Alec Baldwin has won six straight SAG Awards? That's quite a streak.

5:25:22 PM] Brad says: Regina King and Kyle Chandler are our next presenters for Best Actress in a Comedy Series… Laremy's favorite category.

[5:26:02 PM] Laremy says:: I did love Julie Bowen in "Ed". That was just a really nice show about a bowling alley lawyer.

[5:26:44 PM] Brad says: Tina Fey? Sofia Vergara? Betty White? I will go with Betty White.

5:26:57 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series is Betty White ("Hot in Cleveland")

[5:27:47 PM] Laremy says:: Is anyone actually watching "Hot in Cleveland"? I've never met a soul who wants to chat with me about "Hot in Cleveland". And people talk to me about an awful lot of entertainment topics.

[5:28:05 PM] Brad says: When will the Betty White love end? Is she really funny or just old and has the ability to read?

[5:29:01 PM] Brad says: Who watches "Hot in Cleveland"? What channel is it on? What day is it on?

[5:29:03 PM] Laremy says:: It will never end. It's Betty White's world and we're just paying rent.

[5:29:47 PM] Laremy says:: Brad was just saying how much he loved Jessica Chastain in Take Shelter.

[5:29:47 PM] Brad says: Jessica Chastain graces the stage and is showing love for the guild of which she belongs. In short, this is an awesome segment!

[5:30:42 PM] Brad says: Ahhh, they are paying homage to the actors that don't get as much love. I take it back, this is a good segment.

[5:30:59 PM] Laremy says:: Actors want to let you know that acting is important.

[5:32:00 PM] Brad says: Come on, they threw Twilight in there. Gimme a break.

[5:32:46 PM] Brad says: Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are here to tell us who the winners for Best Ensemble for a Comedy Series.

[5:34:33 PM] Brad says: "30 Rock"? "Big Bang Theory"? "Glee"? "Modern Family"? "The Office"? I'll go with "Modern Family"

5:34:50 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series is "Modern Family"

[5:35:23 PM] Brad says: I feel like I'm an awards version of "The Mentalist".

[5:38:27 PM] Laremy says:: "Modern Family" is very buzzy. It's much like a bee in that respect.

[5:42:46 PM] Brad says: Oh man, we are back from commercial break and Glenn Close and Kenneth Branagh will now tell us the winner for Best Actress in TV Movie/Mini-Series

[5:43:44 PM] Brad says: Who is going to win this one…? I need to see all the nominees. Can't be Betty White twice can it?

[5:44:00 PM] Brad says: Okay, it will be Kate Winslet.

5:44:12 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries is Kate Winslet ("Mildred Pierce")

[5:44:21 PM] Brad says: Told yah, "Mentalist"!

[5:45:14 PM] Brad says: It's Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone and Viola Davis to tell us The Help is a Best Ensemble nominee.

[5:46:19 PM] Laremy says:: I appreciate that Kate Winslet didn't show up. She's busy just living her life.

[5:47:13 PM] Brad says: And now Zoe Saldana and Armie Hammer say words that were written for them to tell us the winner for Actor in a TV Movie or Mini-Series.

[5:47:55 PM] Laremy says:: I'm not entirely sure you want to be comparing yourself to the mentalist. That guy only has his wits to rely upon.

[5:48:30 PM] Brad says: My guess is… Fishburne.

5:48:54 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries is Paul Giamatti ("Too Big to Fail")

[5:48:56 PM] Laremy says:: Your guess was wrong.

[5:49:16 PM] Brad says: My mentalist powers are failing me, but wow, two winners in a row have decided not to show up.

[5:51:25 PM] Brad says: I am bored by the man talking right now. His name is Ken Howard and he is the president of SAG. Yay.

[5:51:56 PM] Laremy says:: The guy from "30 Rock" is the president of SAG? And Alec Baldwin has won six SAG Awards in a row? To quote Thomas Haden Church from the hit movie Sideways, "Sounds fishy."

[5:52:16 PM] Laremy says:: SAG and AFTRA are merging! They are forming one super Volton acting union!

[5:54:55 PM] Brad says: Only one hour to go and I am happy.

[5:57:18 PM] Laremy says:: One hour to go and I've asked Brad to make coffee. Calling in the big guns.

[5:58:55 PM] Laremy says:: Bridesmaids presentation time! Get some.

[6:00:34 PM] Brad says: The Bridesmaids ladies are finally entertaining us as they introduce Bridesmaids as one of the Best Ensemble nominees. Melissa McCarthy is drinking any time someone says "Scorsese" and of course Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are obliging regularly as McCarthy chugs from a bottle of vodka.

[6:00:35 PM] Laremy says:: Is almost as if having actors who are proficient in improv makes your show funnier. Hmmm, can we build on that?

[6:02:09 PM] Brad says: Dick Van Dyke is getting a standing ovation. He can't read the teleprompter so he's breaking out the glasses to announce Mary Tyler Moore as the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

[6:03:39 PM] Brad says: He's still telling us how great MTM is.

[6:04:38 PM] Brad says: Now that SAG and AFTRA are merging what will these awards be called next year? What will the Guild be called? Questions need to be answered.

6:09:04 PM] Laremy says:: Mary Tyler Moore really has achieved quite a lot!

6:11:43 PM] Brad says: Have they ever played off a Lifetime Achievement Award winner? Mary Tyler Moore seems to have tempted them. Dicky V gave her a smooch and told her to move along though and now we go to commercial.

[6:12:28 PM] Laremy says:: The new guild will be called SAFTRAGRON. Really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

[6:16:27 PM] Laremy says:: The craziest thing about "The Mentalist" is how long that guy must take to style his bouffant.

[6:16:57 PM] Brad says: Judy Greer and Ed Helms will now tell us the winner of Best Actress for TV Drama.

[6:18:30 PM] Brad says: I'm going with Jessica Lange.

6:18:43 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series is Jessica Lange ("American Horror Story")

[6:18:52 PM] Brad says: My mentalist abilities are back!

[6:20:20 PM] Laremy says:: FX gets a win! Now, can we get "The League" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" some props?

[6:21:28 PM] Brad says: Berenice Bejo and Jean Dujardin will now tell us The Artist is a Best Ensemble nominee.

6:24:24 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series is Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire")

[6:25:03 PM] Laremy says:: Nice win for Steve Buscemi. I'm a "Boardwalk Empire" guy. Very nice.

[6:25:37 PM] Laremy says:: Tina Fey just drank Steve Buscemi's wine! You have to love Tina Fey, she's an all-timer.

[6:26:54 PM] Brad says: Did Steve Buscemi just spoil who gets killed on season two of "Boardwalk Empire"? I haven't seen it yet! Thanks!

[6:29:44 PM] Brad says: With 30 minutes to go we hit the In Memoriam moment. Lots of big names.

[6:31:44 PM] Laremy says:: So only the Leads and Ensemble left, right?

[6:35:04 PM] Laremy says:: I wonder what kind of audience The Pro Bowl draws. How many people have cats who've accidentally turned their TV on?

[6:35:27 PM] Brad says: The cast of TNT's "Dallas" is out now and I'm not going to even bother with the names.

[6:36:01 PM] Brad says: They are handing out the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series.

[6:37:29 PM] Brad says: I will go with "Boardwalk Empire".

6:37:59 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series is "Boardwalk Empire"

[6:38:32 PM] Brad says: Why don't they just give the TV awards to everyone that won last year in all the categories before the show? Where's the suspense?

[6:39:08 PM] Brad says: Steve Buscemi is throwing the kids from the show around… pretty good.

[6:39:15 PM] Laremy says:: I feel like this show is going to run long. Which is NOT in my contract.

[6:41:26 PM] Brad says: Hey now! All that's left are movie awards as Kathy Bates and Owen Wilson announce Midnight in Paris as one of the Best Ensemble nominees.

[6:41:50 PM] Brad says: Natalie Portman is out to present Best Actor. Get ready Clooney.

[6:43:18 PM] Laremy says:: Can Dujardin pick up some momentum here?

6:43:37 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role is Jean Dujardin (The Artist)

[6:43:44 PM] Laremy says:: Yep!

[6:43:59 PM] Brad says: Wowsers! Upset city! Does this mean The Artist takes ensemble?

[6:44:35 PM] Laremy says:: The Artist is now a mortal lock for Best Picture. So get out there and find a sucker to bet you!

[6:44:47 PM] Brad says: Is Oscar next for Dujardin?

[6:46:16 PM] Brad says: Only two awards to go… Will The Artist beat The Help? Will Streep beat Davis? Oh, the drama, I can't handle it… Laremy… hold me.

[6:47:54 PM] Brad says: FACT: George Clooney has never won a SAG award for an individual performance, only ensemble for "ER".

[6:50:28 PM] Laremy says:: Just got done holding Brad. It was nice.

[6:50:52 PM] Brad says: Feel much better now.

[6:51:16 PM] Laremy says:: "Dallas" is coming back? Are they planning on running any ads about that topic?

[6:51:30 PM] Brad says: Ben Kingsley is our next presenter to tell us the winner for Best Actress, which is to say whether it will be Streep or Davis for the win. Who yah got?

[6:51:38 PM] Laremy says:: This has got to be Viola Davis. Unless it's Meryl Streep.

6:53:17 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role is Viola Davis (The Help)

[6:55:59 PM] Brad says: So now Brad Pitt will hand out the award for Best Ensemble to The Help… right?

[6:56:04 PM] Laremy says:: The Help should win this, but Dujardin has me wondering.

6:56:37 PM: And the winner for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture is The Help

[6:57:01 PM] Brad says: And that's all she wrote folks.

[6:59:20 PM] Laremy says:: I'm officially out of jokes.

See you on Feb. 26 for The Academy Awards, you bring the coffee.