Joan Rivers Starts Feud With Chelsea Handler

An all-out war is brewing between two of comedy's sharpest tongues. Seems the only thing Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler have in common are shows on the E! network -- and Rivers claims the only reason Handler has that is because she slept her way to the top.

"Number one, the girl made it on her back f**king the president, we all know that, of the network.... Number two, she's fine, she's ordinary. She's not a genius," Rivers said, referencing Handler's past relationship with E! President Ted Harbert, on Howard Stern's Sirius radio show Tuesday morning.

"She's an ordinary girl that was f**king somebody high up in the industry and they gave her a break and she's doing okay."

Handler, 36, appeared on Stern's show Monday, and pretty much blew off the veteran comedienne: "Joan Rivers? What the f**k do I care about Joan Rivers? I don't think about her ever," reports Radar Online.

Apparently, the hard feelings began at a network event, when Rivers claimed she was treated rudely after greeting Handler. However, Handler claims that Rivers threw the first verbal blow. She explained to Stern: "Joan Rivers gets up and she's like, I'd like to thank Chelsea Handler for giving me a career in comedy (mock laughing), and congratulations on your stage Chelsea because I don't even have a dressing room. And I'm like, f**k off!"

Rivers, 78, retorted by saying, "Who the f**k do you think you are?

"Whatever she is, she's a drunk," Rivers continued. "I don't wish her good luck, I don't wish her bad luck. I don't think she's particularly funny. But don't you come after me, you whore!"

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