Golden Globes Fashion Makes Us Blush

It's been a while since we felt so inspired after watching a red carpet event, but the celebs kicked off 2012 with a fashionable bang at the Golden Globe awards -- so you can imagine how annoying it was when the Emergency Broadcast System decided to do its test right in the middle of the fashion parade. We were like, are you kidding me right now?

But anyway, light, neutral and blush tone gowns ruled the red carpet, gracing the likes of Sarah Hyland, Mary J. Blige, Heidi Klum and Kristin Wiig among so many others, with hues of red (Reese Witherspoon, Tina Fey, Stacy Keibler, Viola Davis) running a close second. The biggest trend, however, seemed to be that there were very few major style missteps, and that makes us happy because we are always rooting for our fellow woman.

Here are our picks for the best (and and few worst) dressed from the fun, cocktail-fueled awards show.


Heidi Klum: Leave it to a supermodel to make the hue of the night stand out with a few carefully chosen details. In a simple, pale pink sheath, Klum popped because of her big, showy turquoise necklace. Then when she turned around to reveal a completely open back? Well, we had to shoo our hubby out of the room or we would have been mopping his drool off the floor instead of writing this story. Casual, flowing locks completed her effortless look.

Angelina Jolie: Last year's overwhelming choice for best-dressed was angelic in a stunning white gown with a sculpted bodice and flowing bottom, and an envelope-like neckline with a bold slice of red. Her red lips and red clutch provided the finishing touches, ensuring her another slot on this year's best-dressed lists. We know Brad was nominated and all, but we were kinda like, Brad who?

Claire Danes: In one of the most interesting dresses of the night, Homeland star Danes -- an early arrival -- was the first person who really wowed us. From the front, her black and white J Mendel dress was pretty, but from the back -- which was black and open with sparkly, lattice-like detail along the sides -- it was love at first sight. And we love that she got to strut it up on stage when she won a statue for her role as a bi-polar CIA agent.

Salma Hayek: Black is always a classic color choice for a red carpet event, but it's always so much more fun when it's a black dress with personality, like the strapless number Hayek wore to present in. With slimming (not that she needs it) vertical sequin stripes adorning the bottom of the gown, the top featured gorgeous, bold gold beading detail that was totally rock star. Because she wore her hair down, you saw just enough of her long, sparkly earrings -- a lovely last touch.

Michelle Williams: We were torn about including Williams here, because we loved every single thing about her look, except for the headband she wore. But in the end, she won us over with her fabulous Jason Wu dress -- a form-fitting 3/4 sleeve sheer gown covered in blue, leopard print velvet detail that stood out among a sea of bare shoulders, silk and sparkle. A skinny black belt highlighted her waist; if only she'd opted for a more simple hair ornament, she might have been our favorite of the night.

Charlize Theron: Theron is a red carpet pro, and she succeeded in taking our breath away in a white Dior couture gown. Between its plunging neckline, high slit, big bow/brooch combo on the waistline and her glowing skin, she didn't need much else to stand out. She kept the makeup minimal, while her hair, in a loose side chignon, held the final touch to her look -- a shimmering headband that picked up the sparkle on the brooch. Love her.

Zooey Deschanel: So, I just looked at some photos of this Prada gown online and it looked nowhere near as beautiful as it did on TV, which was disappointing, because we loved how much the gown popped during Deschanel's red carpet interview. With lively green, black and white sparkly beading making up the top portion of the gown, it was full of life and energy, while still offering the quirk factor that we're used to seeing from her fashion choice. The back was shaped like a peace sign. Love. This. Dress.

Nicole Richie: We don't mean to dwell in the past here, but I still can't believe this is the same (formerly dumpy, frequently dirty) Nicole Richie that used to star in The Simple Life with Paris Hilton. It's nice to see her come into her own, both in her personal life and in fashion, and we've never seen Richie look more stunning than she did at the Golden Globes. Her shiny, silver beaded dress was gorgeous and glam, and the ponytail/bangs hairdo kept it young and fun. Home run.

Honorable mentions: Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, Lea Michele, Laura Dern, Stacy Keibler, Naya Rivera, Octavia Spencer. (We told you, there were sooo many good ones this year!!!)


Piper Perabo: Let's cut to the chase: What the hell was that dress about? Perabo took a chance with a bland-colored (see-through?) ballerina-style gown, and based on her fidgety posing on the red carpet, it looked like she regretted it. But, not as much as we did when we saw the back of that thing, which had an awkward cutout at the lower back -- kind of like a dress version of a tramp stamp.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: We totally appreciate a woman who makes bold red carpet choices, but Gellar's blue and white tie-dye gown missed the mark for a couple of reasons. 1. That print should have been on more of a casual, flowy dress instead of a fancy, structural gown. 2. When your peers are drinking, the last thing they want to see is a gown that makes them feel dizzy.

Dianna Agron: No matter how lovely a color (red, in this case) looks on a person, paper dolls + doilies = no, thank you. We wanted to like the Glee star's creative dress, but we just couldn't do it. Not even a little.