Zooey To Become The Cutest SNL Host Ever

Hey, all you Internet nerds who are usually home on Saturday nights! NBC is ready to meet your needs.

New Girl star and all-around geek heartthrob Zooey Deschanel has been announced as the host of the February 11 edition of Saturday Night Live – yes, it’s the Valentine’s Day edition! And Zooey is single now!  Wheels are turning!  The musical guest is Karmin, the duo best known for annoying white-person covers of songs like “Super Bass” – in other words, exactly the sort of self-consciously quirky musical act you’d expect to find on a Zooey-hosted SNL if she wasn’t going to be handling those duties herself.

We’ll see how this works. Deschanel’s onscreen charm is genuine, and it makes sense for SNL to schedule her while she’s red hot. But there’s a thin line between Zooey looking “adorkable” (sorry) in one of her roles, and acting nervous in a live sketch.

SNL as scheduled another first-time host for the February 4 edition:  the very busy Channing Tatum, who is taking a break from shooting one of the 50 movies it seems he has coming out this year. Grammy-nominated Bon Iver is the musical guest. Tatum doesn’t have much of a history of live performance unless you count stripping, but his upcoming 21 Jump Street looks like it might actually be funny, so don’t count him out.