What the New Hunger Games Photos Mean

When a world so beloved (or reviled) as Panem has been so shrouded in mystery leading up to the March release of Hunger Games, every image counts. So naturally when a few more photos from the film were released last week, despite the fact that they are almost all essentially screen-caps from the trailer, the internet went bonkers town. We took a look and tried to squeeze every bit of information we could from this small sampling. T minus 10 weeks. So close. We're SO CLOSE.

Jennifer Lawrence Liam Hemsworth The Hunger Games

What we see: Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth) in the woods in District 12, where they hunt together

What we learn: A given at this point, but Lawrence looks perfect and much to my surprise, Hemsworth actually looks like Gale. I was doubtful, but after seeing this image, I find myself somewhat comforted. Note the two are in different outfits from the original photos released of them together. What could this mean…? They have no hunting gear on them, and seem like they are engaged in a rather serious conversation. Hmmm.

Elizabeth Banks Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games

What we see: Katniss and Effie (Elizabeth Banks) on stage during the reaping in District 12

What we learn: In this shot alone, Lawrence throws down the acting gauntlet. We know exactly what's going through her mind at this moment, and would even if we didn't know this moment in the book (and trailer) by heart, and it isn't pretty. We have also learned that costumes and makeup aren't screwing around with the capitol's garish tendencies when it comes to fashion and trend setting. Effie looks awful, in the best way possible.

Lenny Kravitz Josh Hutcherson The Hunger Games

What we see: Cinna (Lenny Kravitz), Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) having a chat

What we learn: Check out that black leather couch. The Capitol will be every bit as modern and swanky as it was in my head. And Cinna will be cool, calm and collected, exactly as he should be. Kravitz, you officially have my approval. Hutcherson looks a little more settled into the blond thing than he was at the time of that horrible EW photo shoot, and I see the charm, smarts and eloquence necessary for Peeta bubbling up inside of him, but I still get no indication about his size based on this photo. The most interesting piece of information here is that Haymitch looks pretty much nothing like the Haymitch in the book, who I would happily describe as Brendan Gleeson with curly brown hair. Instead, Harrelson's Haymitch is well dressed, has blond, stringy hair, and seems slightly more together than I was expecting.

Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games

What we see: Katniss being escorted by guards

What we learn: A little bit more about the futuristic production design. The guards look appropriate and the whole thing has the same bleak yet shiny dystopian vibe to it that the trailer began to show off. Confirms what we've been gathering about the tone in design.

What did these photos tell you about Hunger Games? Anything I'm missing? Are these enough to hold you over until the second trailer, should such a thing exist? March 23rd seriously can't come soon enough.