Lindsay Lohan To Play Liz Taylor?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: there are rumors about Lindsay Lohan and a job. This job doesn’t involve her removing her clothes for a magazine, so there’s a good chance it’s never going to happen, but we need to get it on the record anyway.

As first reported by Deadline Hollywood, Lohan is in early talks to portray Elizabeth Taylor in a movie for Lifetime, to be titled Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story. The movie would cover the relationship between Taylor and Richard Burton, which began during the filming of Cleopatra and lasted through two marriages.

While the idea of Lohan portraying Taylor won’t sit well with many people, let’s face it: a movie for Lifetime isn’t going to attract the likes of Meryl Streep, or anyone with a viable A-list career.  And strange as it may seem, there are some odd similarities between the careers of Liz and Lindsay. Both had major film roles when still little girls, and were establishing themselves as leading ladies by the time they had reached their late teens. Both were capable of looking much older than their actual age (not a positive in Lohan’s case), and both eventually became better known for tabloid appearances than for acting. Of course, the parallels aren’t perfect, since Lohan hasn’t won two Academy Awards, and Taylor never posed for Playboy.

The real question is whether this has any chance of taking place. Lohan has been connected with multiple projects in recent years, but aside from her virtual cameo in Machete, none of them have come to pass – not surprising given her long history of unreliability, which includes various stints in jail and in rehab. Can hold it together long enough to handle the responsibility of a lead film role? How big a gambler are you?