David Cross, Chipwrecking Himself?

It's no secret that David Cross has no love for the Chipmunks franchise that he himself stars in.  He has been vocal about his distaste for the project in the past, saying that he's basically just in it for the paycheck.  Well, he got pretty personal as well as inappropriate about the matter on his recent Monday night visit to the Conan O'Brien show.

Entertainment Weekly reports that, "...while discussing a point in filming in which Cross said he was legally “forced … to spend a week on a cruise ship” to dress up as a pelican, a decision he said was made by a producer on the project. (The Arrested Development star talked about the unpleasant cruise and his beef with the producers to The Onion, as well.) Then Cross, who was raised Jewish but now identifies as an Atheist, described the unnamed producer in question as 'the personification of what people think about when they think negatively about Jews.'"

It's remarkable that Cross has starred in three of the films, given his levels of vitriol for the project and it would seem that his involvement with the franchise moving forward is uncertain.  You can do, say and be a lot of horrible things in Hollywood, but being casually racist isn't one of them.