AMC's Mad Men Will March On In March

There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel. Mad Men star Jon Hamm has revealed that his multiple Emmy-winning series will be returning on Sunday, March 25. The show has been gone since October 2010; a fifth season was delayed while AMC and showrunner Matthew Weiner fought it out over money and certain creative issues (but mostly money).

Hamm dropped the news late last week in an installment of comedian Doug Benson’s podcast, which with all due respect to Benson is a pretty low-profile venue to make such a big announcement. Whether Hamm giving the comeback date now was a mistake or this was some kind of wily AMC strategy, who can say.

While there still hasn’t been an official announcement about the series from AMC, Hamm would seem to be in a position to know. And we’ve been hearing “spring 2012” all along as the return date; March 25 is the first Sunday of spring. It also comes after the conclusion to Season Two of The Walking Dead, which will be occupying AMC’s Sunday schedule again beginning after the Super Bowl. (We should also be getting word soon about the premiere date for Season Two of The Killing, assuming AMC doesn’t change its mind at the last minute and puts on old episodes of Mannix instead.)

As we get closer to the return date, expect a few  strategic reveals from Weiner concerning the year our characters are now in, the status of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, whether Don Draper is still happily married to Megan with all the teeth, etc.