Kathy Griffin To Host Weekly Bravo Talk Show

Kathy Griffin has had a long relationship with Bravo, encompassing several stand-up specials and the long-running series My Life on the D-List. And beginning in the spring, the pop culture-obsessed comic will be hosting a weekly talk show for the channel, with the clever title Kathy.

While Bravo will remain a channel mostly focused on reality programming in prime time, it is beginning to expand its talk footprint. The often raucous Watch What Happens Live is becoming a weekday show this week, and now it will have Griffin covering much of the same territory. Suffice it to say that her show is not going to resemble Charlie Rose. “This will be the destination to get Griffin’s thoughts on everything pop culture as she rants on the week’s biggest headlines and tabloid gossip as well as feature stand-up routines, celebrity interviews and taped segments,” Bravo said in a news release.

The Kardashian family, which conveniently does not have a show on Bravo, ought to provide Griffin with endless amounts of material all by themselves. Now if we can just get her to stop taking off her top a la her New Year’s Eve festivities with Anderson Cooper, and if she cuts out her patronizing treatment of gay men, this might be something really worth watching.