Dance Moms 2: Fresh Blood, New Catfights

It's one thing to see grown women like the Real Housewives (of anywhere) behave like catty teenage girls at some sophisticated gathering.

But it's a whole other train wreck when women of a certain age behave like cretins in front of their impressionable children -- or worse yet, insult each other's kids, just to hit 'em where it hurts.

Welcome to the wild world of Dance Moms, which begins its second season at 10 p.m. tomorrow on Lifetime. Taskmaster and surly dance coach Abby Lee Miller returns to browbeat some more girls into winning performances. Meanwhile, the mothers watch through a picture window and travel to competitions together, all the while backbiting each other or exchanging bitchy barbs.

The new season kicks off with Miller accepting a new girl, Kendal, and her mom, Jill, into the company and if you think that goes off without a hitch, you're definitely new to this show. Naturally, the veteran moms already hate Jill because they've heard she's "a crazy dance mom" and make comments like "We think she's going to be a problem in our group" and "I don't trust people who are too nice. NOBODY is that nice."

Well, certainly not in your world, ladies, that's for sure.

Got a cast iron stomach? Then tune in to see Abby jump all over mom Holly for daring to hold down a job while her daughter dances; to see the veteran moms rip on the new 8-year-old, Kendal; and to see mom Kristin's reaction when Abby dismisses her daughter, Peyton, from the team.

And remember: Everyone is replaceable!