Jimmy Fallon Returns To SNL This Week

Saturday Night Live likes to do something special for its last show of the calendar year, and this coming weekend, they’re turning to an old friend, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon. He works in the building and has made little walk-on appearances here and there since leaving the cast in 2004, but this will be his first time back as a host.

Fallon wasn’t really able to sustain an acting career after leaving SNL, in large part because he’s always “Jimmy Fallon” no matter who he’s playing (remember how weird it seemed when he popped up doing a cameo in Band of Brothers?) and because his personality doesn’t pop off the screen the way Will Ferrell’s does. But he’s skilled at sketch comedy, and his ability to impersonate has if anything gotten stronger since going to Late Night. The SNL writers have their ups and downs, but can usually rise to the occasion when presented with a committed host, especially one who already knows the drill. So hopes should be high for the coming show.

Here are the promos Fallon has made for this Saturday, where he’s joined by fellow part-time musician Fred Armisen: