Things I Talked To Gary Oldman About Last Week Over Lunch

Yeah, there's pretty much no good way to talk about this without bragging, but last week I had the surreal experience of having lunch with both Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy!) and Gary Oldman (Sirius Black!), and while we were there to talk about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, we ended up talking about a lot of other things as well. Colin Firth ended up sitting two seats down from me, which made it hard to hear what he was talking about, but he told some amusing stories about the Oscars and how lonely it can be to win one. Gary Oldman was sitting directly across from me, which made it a lot easier to stare and listen and choke on my lunch when he spoke directly to me. It was all a bit unbelievable; you never wake up and plan on eating lunch with actors you've admired for as long as you've been watching movies, but everyone gets a break now and then.

Things Gary Oldman and I Talked About:

How I Was

The Fact That His Paul Smith Pants for the New York Premiere Accidentally Got Taken in One and a Half Inches Instead of Being Let Out That Amount and He Wore Them Anyway

His Cool Eyeglass Frames That Were Partially Transparent and Partially Tortoise Shell

His Ukelele, Guitar, and Piano Skills, Which Are Pretty Good

The Fact That He's in a Band and Sometimes They Play Parties

The Republican Presidential Candidate Field

Obama's Chances at a Second Term

He Does a Spot-On Impression of Michael Caine, My Subsequent Delight

How Excited Benedict Cumberbatch Fans Are About Benedict Cumberbatch

His Chances at an Oscar for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

How Christopher Plummer Should Absolutely Win Best Supporting Actor For Beginners

Who the Top Oscar Contenders Are at This Point, How Quickly Things Change

How He'd "Be Right Back."

Things We Did Not Discuss:

His Amazing Hair Which Draped and Fell So Perfectly

His Casual, Affable Manner

His Multitude of Cool Accessories From Colorful Pocket Square to Neato Watch

His Leather iPhone Case, Which Made Mine Look Dumb

Other Things, as I Was Somewhat in Shock

Sirius Black! Sirius Black! Sirius Black!

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