Dexter Drops an Incest Bomb

You know, between the Trinity Killer in season four and this season's graphic Doomsday killings, we thought we'd reached our capacity for nausea while watching Dexter.

But last night, Showtime's serial killer drama hit on a whole different upchuck response in our feeble systems when Debra Morgan's (twisted?) therapist suggested that she might be in love with her adopted brother, Dexter. Shortly after Debra's head shrinking sesh, she went home, fell asleep and dreamed an awkward, butterflies-in-the-stomach, bonding-over-dinner session during which she and Dexter shared a lingering lip lock.

It's probably safe to say that it's a turn of events that nobody anticipated ... or wanted to see. Even though we love them both dearly, it was awkward enough (for us, anyway) when Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were briefly married in real life as they played siblings on the show. True, Deb and Dexter aren't blood related on Dexter, either, but still. Ewwwww.

However, if it turns out Debra DOES have some misplaced feelings for her murderous brother, it may explain why she's able to overlook the glaring clues before her that he's a flippin' serial killer. I mean, let's be real: Could the best cop on the squad REALLY be that blind?