Dunder Mifflin Paper Is Now An Actual Product

In a matter of life imitating television, an online brand owned by Staples will soon be selling Dunder Mifflin paper. The paper, made famous by The Office, will feature slogans such as "Our motto is 'Quabity First'" and "Get Your Scrant On.” You can buy the paper from quill.com for the sale price of $34.99. The regular price will be $47.99, which is apparently priced higher than your average private-label copy paper. Comcast will benefit from the deal with six percent going back to NBC's owner, reports the Wall Street Journal.

This opens up so many reverse product placement possibilities for Dunder Mifflin merchandise. When will we see the Sabre Pyramid tablet in stores? Or actual Dundies? I'd love to see advertising that sends the message of "If you buy our paper, you can meet your very own Jim Halpert!" It's fortunate that they no longer face competition from the Michael Scott Paper Company.

There is currently no word on whether or not the paper will be packed and shipped by Val from the warehouse.

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