Week In Review: New Girl Hits A High Note

Missed your opportunity to chime in at the watercooler this week? Not to worry, we've got you covered with our new weekly cheat sheet on the most talked-about moments from TV land.

This week: Jason Lee drops in on Up All Night, Community gets a little more bizarro than usual and a hurricane of love hits How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Mother

Hurricane Irene took the city by storm…and so did that last moment between Barney and Robin. What does this mean for Nora and Kevin? I also liked the delayed storytelling tactic used in the "No Boogie Boarding" explanation…but I’m more curious about the “Do Not Punch The Llamas” sign.

2 Broke Girls

The girls tackle a hoarder’s apartment. Hoarding always makes for some good sight gags and it was fun to see Max get excited about something for once. What did you think of the development between Johnny and Max? I’m not sold on him as a love interest yet and now that we know he’s been keeping his girlfriend a secret I like him even less.

New Girl

This was the best episode to date. Schmidt is very quickly working his way into my heart. I’m glad we got to know more about Cece. I now get why her and Jess are friends—Cece also makes questionable choices sometimes and she’s a romantic. I laughed so hard when Jess said that her perfect man was Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men. And she could be his girl Jack Lemmon!

Up All Night

Watching Kevin as the everyday guy foil to Ava’s flamboyant club owner boyfriend Julian was wonderful. I’m glad our favorite new parents got a night away that involved crashing the homecoming dance--especially because it allowed Ava to get to know Kevin (played by Jason Lee) a little bit better. I hope we haven’t seen the last of that pairing.


This week’s episode was a whirlwind of Dreamatoriums and matching outfits from The Gap. There were puppet shows, paint snow angels, and a hitchhiker with some pretty big aspirations. It’s this kind of bizarre set-up that I’ve come to expect from the very best episodes. The way all four storylines collided in the music video set to “Kiss From A Rose” was probably my favorite moment on TV this week.

Parks and Recreation

Who did Model UN better—Community or Parks and Rec? My money is on Parks and Recreation. The bits about Tom coming back to the office (like we didn’t see that coming) and Chris facing problems with Milicent were both solid, but neither of those can top the chaos that happens when you pit two nations against each other that used to date and still have feelings for each other. “What are you gonna do without tides, Peru?”


Bones found out the gender of their baby without telling Daddy Booth. I thought for sure that she’d grown more than that as a person, but I guess not. And there’s a new Squintern in town!

The Big Bang Theory

I could give or take the part about Sheldon making friends with a blue jay (really, guys?), but I got a kick out of watching Leonard finally put on a pair of big boy pants and stand up to Penny during their non-date. While this is just another set-up to get the two back together, the show could use more Assertive Leonard. And ditch the bird next time, okay?