Showtime Fires Up Another Hit of Weeds

Showtime is loading up another fat one -- another season of its hit series, Weeds, that is.

When season seven ended, there was speculation that it might also be the series finale for Weeds, since many key players' contracts were ending and an eighth season had yet to be announced. But it looks like we'll get to see what happened to marijuana maven Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and her family after all.

Season seven began in New York City after Nancy did time in federal prison, and ended with she and her family living in the Connecticut suburbs, trying to eek out some type of normal life. Or at least, as normal as life can get for someone with Nancy's long history and string of betrayals in the drug trade. But even as the former queenpin (apparently) tried to leave her sordid, drug-dealing past behind her and raise her youngest son, Stevie, like a regular child, her past followed her to The Constitution State.

The last thing viewers saw was a sniper in the bushes, a red laser pointed and Nancy's forehead, and then a gunshot. Who had the gun? Was Nancy shot? And if she survives, will she be able to handle living in the same house as her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and her morbid children without turning to the bong herself?

We can't wait to find out.