Dancing With The Stars Results: Losing Grace

It originally seemed as if Nancy Grace had to be one of the joke competitors on this season of Dancing With the Stars. As the oldest in the field, with a body not really suited for the dance floor, and with a TV persona that doesn’t exactly scream happy-go-lucky, how could this not be the case? And yet, she was voted out Tuesday night in fifth place for the season, a very respectable finish, and probably leaves with more good will than when she started.

Nancy has been a polarizing and domineering presence in her career as a CNN talking head and legal analyst, a state of affairs that only increased this past summer, when the Casey Anthony trial raised her profile to new levels. She played off the image to some extent on the show, as she was frequently seen talking back to and otherwise battling with her pro partner, Tristan MacManus.

But despite an early controversy in which she may or may not have exposed a breast after a dance, she continued to battle on every week in the lower reaches of the field. While not blessed with much natural ability, Nancy was at least able to master the basic moves well enough to get some praise from the hard-to-please Len Goodman. Much credit has to go to MacManus, the graduate of the Troupe who became the first new pro in several seasons to really catch on with audiences. DWTS has badly needed a younger pro to step forward, so his emergence is a positive.

The other highlights of the results show were a preview of the new Cirque du Soleil tribute to Michael Jackson, which looks like literally every other Cirque du Soleil show; and the latest entry of “DanceCenter” with Len, Kenny Mayne, and Jerry Rice.  This segment concluded with Len pretending to pose nude, a sight that made Nancy’s wardrobe malfunction look positively chaste.