Of Course Michelle Duggar Is Expecting Again

Michelle Duggar, the female half of the couple responsible for the size of the cast of the TLC series 19 Kids And Counting, is expecting another child at the age of 45. Of course she is!

Michelle revealed the news that she is currently three and a half months pregnant on Tuesday’s Today. “I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we just are so grateful,” she said. Incredibly, this will be the first time since Michelle first became a mother in 1988 that she will have gone more than two years without having a baby.

Michelle and her husband Jim Bob, conservative Christians from Arkansas who do not believe in using birth control, began appearing in specials for the Discovery Health channel several years ago, all of which focused on whatever her latest pregnancy happened to be. The TLC series (which coincidentally has its season finale Tuesday) began in 2008, and was originally titled 17 Kids and Counting. All of the Duggar children have names beginning with the later J, and the couple’s oldest son, Josh, already has two children of his own, born less than two years apart in keeping with family tradition.

The usual policy on hearing news like this is to offer congratulations, even if you’re one of those rare people who might find 20 children to personally be excessive. But there is bound to be concern for the health of Michelle and the upcoming baby, given the close call she had in 2009. She developed the dangerous condition preeclampsia while pregnant with daughter Josie, who had to be delivered three months prematurely by C-section in order to save Michelle’s life. The baby barely survived numerous complications, though her mother now claims she is perfectly healthy.

Michelle’s would be considered a high-risk pregnancy given her age, even had she not had so many issues with the last baby. She says the new pregnancy is proceeding normally thus far, though she is under the care of a high-risk specialist. Let’s hope this stays the case.