RECAP: Botox and Seances for Beverly Hills Housewives

The average person might get invited to a dinner party or a football-watching shindig during any given week. But in Beverly Hills, the social events include back-to-back plastic surgery parties and seances.

Last night, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills proved yet again how much their lives differ from the average woman when Adrienne's husband offered a free injection party at his plastic surgery office, and then Kyle invited a medium and some dead folks into her home to communicate with the ladies.

For once, nobody had a meltdown. But the tension between Taylor (who refuses to deal with confrontation or conflict) and Lisa (who says what's on her mind and doesn't apologize for it) continued to build.

But the biggest bombshell(s) happened when Kim told Kyle that she had been secretly dating a guy for a year, and was now moving in with him. Viewers also got a clue as to why Kim has appeared to be a hot, drunken mess all season -- and it's not alcohol related.

We'll drink to that!

KYLE (71)

-- At Paul's spa night, she gets work done on her "love handles," which are pretty much non-existent after having four children. Some girls have all the luck (+2)

-- Is planning a seance at her house... because hey, dinner parties are so cliche at this point (-1)

-- Kyle is annoyed that Kim isn't coming to her party, and talks a little bit of smack about it to the others (-2)

-- Calls Brandi on the day of the seance to invite her -- a half-hearted gesture of inclusion, and it's probably only because Kim isn't attending. But, better than nothing, I guess (+1)

-- Kyle -- who still has wet hair from the shower -- is getting ready for her paranormal par-tay, and Taylor shows up at her house. She's nervous about coming to the party with Lisa, but really, she just needed someone to listen to her whine and be over-dramatic (-2)

-- Kyle tells Taylor, in a nutshell, to just grow a pair and talk to Lisa to clear things up. Kyle refrains from asking Taylor to get the hell out so she can get ready for her event, which must require a lot of restraint (+3)

-- At the seance, Kyle learns from her dead mother she was Kim's mother in another lifetime.  Her mom also tells her not to criticize Kim so much (+3)

-- Next day, Kyle goes to Kim's house and Kim breaks news that she has a boyfriend, and she's moving in with him. Kyle cries and says, "I feel like that's something you don't want to do." Guess the above message fell upon deaf ears (-2)

-- A moment later, Kyle says, " I don't even know him." Believe it or not, this isn't all about your feelings, Kyle (-2)

-- In confessional, Kyle says she thinks Kim is moving in with dude because she's lonely -- that if she truly loved  him and wanted to be with him, she would have introduced him sooner. Is it so hard to think she could actually meet someone she likes? (-1)

Net gain/loss: -1

Current total: 70

KIM (53)

-- Is late (again!) to the spa party, but arrives in time to get Botox and lip injections from Paul (+2)

-- Before her procedure, she has a consult with Paul and tells him she's taking three different medications. He says that that combo of drugs that combine to make a person disoriented, unbalanced, slur their words, etc. Well, that explains a lot (-3)

-- Kim tells Paul her doctors are still trying to find the right combo of drugs to treat her ailments. We're no medical experts, but we'd like to declare this concoction a big, fat FAIL (-2)

-- Kim gets annoyed when Kyle is backseat driving her lip injections, so she tells her to step off (+2)

-- Besides the fact that Kim is busy moving, she says she's creeped out by the idea of a seance. Can't say we blame her (+1)

-- Kyle comes over to visit, and Kim finally tells her that A) she's been seeing someone for a year; and B) she's moving in with him. It has to feel good to get that off your chest (+2)

-- When Kyle balks at her decision, Kim (finally) stands up for herself, saying "For once in my life, I am doing something I want to do." Her saying that is the most lucid she's seemed in two seasons (+5)

Net gain/loss: +7

Current total: 60


-- Taylor gets some injections at Paul's office to help fill in her "genetically thin face." You'd think Taylor, of all people, would be a little more wary of injections (-2)

-- Taylor's husband, Russell, emails Lisa (whom he suspects of feeding personal info the press about his supposedly failing marriage). Lisa puts Taylor on the spot about it, and Taylor stammers before rushing out (-1)

-- Taylor shows up at Kyle's house super early to share her nervous feelings about Lisa. Uh, doesn't she have a therapist for this kind of thing? (-1)

-- She's upset because Lisa is telling people she doesn't have any friends. Here's a hint, Taylor: Few people like drop-ins, especially when getting ready for an event that day. Call first next time (-1)

-- At the seance, the medium tells Taylor her marriage is filled with light and darkness, that she needs to make choices about her fears, and that she should strive to feel secure without depending on someone else. So, basically, the same thing her friends have been telling her for months (+2)

Net gain/loss: -3

Current total: 67


-- Paul sponsors a free spa night for Adrienne's friends at his office. More free advertising for Paul this week! (+3)

-- Adrienne sits in with Kim while Paul is giving her Botox and lip injections. She holds her hand for support, while simultaneously making comments that make Kim uncomfortable and Paul irritated (-2)

-- Her dad contacts her during the seance and tells her she's doing a bang-up job at work, and has special skills that her brothers don't. She tears up a bit, but not enough to send her black eyeliner gushing down her face (+2)

Net gain/loss: +3

Current total: 111

LISA (47)

-- Declines to have any treatments done at Paul's, saying, I work with the public, so I don't want to be red, puffy and swollen. Translation: "I want people to think I naturally look this young, so I do all my age reversal in private." (-2)

-- Is arguing with Kyle over whether Taylor or Camille are friends. Why this is worth debating, we're not really sure (-1)

-- Doesn't believe in psychics, but is coming with an open mind. Her grandmother passes through and gives her some props, and Lisa seems to be touched (+2)

Net gain/loss: -1

Current total: 46


-- Stays home from the spa party because her ex, Kelsey, asked for primary custody of the kids and she's upset. Man, just when you think her divorce drama is wrapping up... (-3)

-- At the seance, Camille's grandparents stop by to say they're celebrating her divorce in heaven, and to tell her that she's going to meet a man that's better suited to her (+2)

Net gain/loss: -1

Current total: 120


-- Comes to Kyle's seance despite a last-minute invitation. She finds out she has four angels looking out for her because her family members have earned some brownie points with the big guy upstairs (+3)

-- We can't help but wonder where these angels were when she was being attacked by the Richards sisters at Dana's party (-2)

Net gain/loss: +1

Current total: 68


Camille: 120

Adrienne: 111

Kyle: 70

Dana (absent this week): 71

Brandi: 68

Taylor: 67

Kim: 60

Lisa: 46