The Best Bromances On TV Right Now

I'm all for watching characters fall in love or even have fantastic platonic relationships, but sometimes, you just want to watch a bunch of guys hanging out and being awesome together. Check out our picks, ranging from friends since birth (Supernatural) to friends that started last week (Modern Family).

Max and Brad and Dave, Happy Endings

I'm thrilled that Happy Endings is becoming one of the funniest shows on the air. One of my favorite parts is the relationships between the guys on the show. Max, Brad, and Dave have been friends since college. While the situations are often ridiculous (after all, it IS a sitcom), their reactions feel very realistic, such as the time when Max discovered that Brad had friends outside of their group.

Phil and Andre, Modern Family

Andre made a brief appearance at this end of this week's episode. Phil and Andre have been neighbors for years, but the treehouse that Phil built for Luke/himself provided a way to overcome the fences that separated them. (In this case, it was an actual fence.) I hope we see more of Andre, Phil's brother from a different mother.

Troy and Abed, Community

Despite their similarity in age, I didn't expect these two to become besties when Community first started. When Troy became less of a jock coping with life after high school, it opened up the doors for him to accept Abed and his pop culture obsession. Troy still fights against the stigma that comes with being a nerd, like when he changed his Halloween costume last year from Alien to Sexy Dracula. But when Troy looks past the social implications, they have a genuinely fun, creative time together. There's no doubt in my mind that these two are going to be friends forever.

Shawn and Gus, Psych

Friends since childhood, these two know everything about each other. There comes a certain point in a friendship where you know exactly how to make that person extremely happy and also how to annoy them beyond all reason. Shawn and Gus are well past that point. (My favorite bit is the fake aliases that Shawn makes up for Gus when introducing him to people.)

Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj, The Big Bang Theory

Sometimes I wonder why Leonard, Howard, and Raj bother to hang around Sheldon. Even though Sheldon can be insufferable, the boys have this affection for him that's made up of respect, fear, and a little bit of pity. Plus, who else is going to chip in to buy a time machine?

Sam and Dean, Supernatural

These two get points for being actual brothers. Like with Shawn and Gus, they may drive each other insane, but in the end, they would go to hell and back for each other. And they have done that—twice.

Tom Haverford and Jean-Ralphio, Parks and Recreation

They're both terribly self-absorbed people, so Jean-Ralphio and Tom are perfect for each other. In a town other than Pawnee, IN, they might have a chance to thrive as stars. But since that's not the case, they're relegated to be the biggest dreamers in a town full of the fourth-biggest people in the nation.

And a couple that are coming back soon…

Sherlock and Watson, Sherlock

Sherlock and Watson, from the updated Steven Moffat BBC adaption, have the kind of bromance where they each need the other person. They truly complete each other. Sherlock helps Watson cope with his post-war trauma. Watson helps Sherlock in social situations and comes in handy with a case every now and then. It's a beautiful thing.

Tracy and Kenneth, 30 Rock

Like Troy and Abed, I fully support the decision to turn these two into unlikely friends. It's not a mutual friendship--it's more because Tracy realized that Kenneth would do anything he asked him to do. (Like rub the belly of his pet snake until it poops.) There's this weird respect that's grown between them and I can't wait for Tracy, Kenneth, and the rest of the 30 Rock gang to come back.

Which guys would you add to the list?