We'll Hang Out With You, Mindy Kaling

Most people will recognize Mindy Kaling as the relationship-obsessed, pink-loving Kelly Kapoor from The Office. She also plays a behind-the-scenes role as a writer and producer, as well as occasional director, of The Office. In case you still can't get enough of her (like me) she also tweets and blogs. Better yet, she has a book out this week called Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).

Most of her stories are hilarious vignettes of life or opinions about what to look for in a best friend, but one of the more substantial chapters focuses on how she got her start with The Office. Greg Daniels saw her play Matt & Ben (satirizing the relationship between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck) and invited her to talk. She started with the show way back in season one and has been with them ever since. Beyond the tidbits about how Steve Carell is impossibly nice, she spends a lot of time talking about her relationship with Greg Daniels. In her words, “I am a sensitive poet and Greg is a mean robot. Our fighting is legendary.” Lest anyone think that there’s major drama happening on the set of The Office, she goes to great lengths to talk about how the crew is very normal and funny. Mindy also dispels any romantic notions about what it’s like to get a gift bag from an awards show.

We get a brief insight into her time spent as a guest writer for Saturday Night Live. (In short, she wrote a bit about Chad Michael Murray and that was it. I’m not going to spoil her heartwarming story featuring Amy Poehler.) Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? is a must for any Office fan. I don’t think Mindy should have any problems finding anyone to hang out with her. I’m sure she’s as clever and charming as she is her book and I would willingly be her best friend.