Ricky and The Globes, Together Again?

Ricky Gervais took a lot of heat for his caustic commentary as the host of the 2011 Golden Globes, but despite the assumption that he’d never be granted such a prestigious gig again (or if he’d even be welcome back in Hollywood period), he’s spent the last several months playing coy about the possibility that he might be asked back. Think about it: when was the last time anyone was still talking about the previous Globes ceremony 10 months after the fact?

With time running short to finalize plans for the upcoming Globes, it appears Gervais is very much on the minds of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and of NBC, which award and telecast the Globes respectively. Page Six is reporting that Gervais recently had dinner in Paris with HFPA president Aida Takla-O’Reilly and NBC head of special programming Doug Vaughan – the very people a future Globes host would be breaking bread with.

Of course, this isn’t the same thing as an official announcement, and one does not appear to be forthcoming at this time. Gervais has suggested here and there that NBC wasn’t as down on his Globes performance as most would think (ratings and interest level were up last year), and has mused about spending Globes night online giving a running commentary on the ceremony should he not get to host again. His response to the Page Six story was to link to it on Twitter with the remark “Ooooooh! The plot thickens … thoughts?”

We have consistently held to the stance that Gervais is the best thing that’s happened to the Globes since the invention of the open bar, and that he ought to be the default host until he decides he’s had enough – who cares about a few pampered celebs and their hurt feelings? He seems to want the job, the Globes could use the publicity boost in a crowded awards season, and no one is going to refuse to attend simply because they might be made sport of. All that needs to happen now is the press release. Let’s get on that, NBC and HFPA!