Bachelor Ben: More Staying Power Than Kim and Kris?

The last two seasons of The Bachelor, those starring Jake Pavelka and Brad Womack, resulted in relationships so brief and unconvincing they make Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries look good by comparison.

But as long as the ratings stay up there, ABC is going to keep giving it a shot. The network has set January 2 as the premiere date for the latest edition of the franchise, which will star the wonderfully coiffed wine entrepreneur Ben Flajnik and about two dozen women of varying appearance, intelligence, and mental health. The latter stages of the season are currently being filmed.

The Bachelor will have some unaccustomed competition for its premiere. Since New Year’s Day will fall on a Sunday, January 2 will be part of a three-day weekend for most people. Several college football bowl games that are normally played on January 1 will slide to Monday instead, with both the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl airing opposite The Bachelor in much of the country on sister network ESPN. True, there’s not a huge overlap between the college football audience and Bachelor fans, but ABC might want to ramp up the drama for the premiere anyway.