Jersey Shore Isn't Going Away In 2012

At the end Jersey Shore's mediocre Italy season, the crew was heading back to Seaside to wreak more havoc on American soil. And finally, a premiere date for their most recent (filmed) tomfoolery has bet set. The GTLing will resume on January 5 -- just in time to keep you warm and tan during the dead of winter and TV-repeat land.

The new trailer reveals horrors we never thought we'd see (the always-golden Pauly D with a raging sunburn); things we've gone too long without seeing (a batch of Ron-Ron juice in the blender); and items we're on the fence about seeing (Snooki wearing underwear bearing her boyfriend's name... but at least she's planning to wear them, so there's that).

Although it was relatively boring in comparison to other seasons, the Italy season still drew an average of 9.4 million viewers (including those who DVR'd the show), according to Entertainment Weekly.