Mos Def's Identity Crisis, and Dexter

Apparently Mos Def has been pulling a Puff Daddy (or is it P.Diddy?) during his acting stint on Dexter.

The acclaimed rapper/musician/actor, who has been playing a side role on the Showtime series this season, was first named in the credits as Mos. By the third episode, "Mos" was gone and "yasiin bey" was in its place. Showtime officials say Mos Def (birth name: Dante Terrell Smith) officially changed his name to yasiin bey about a month ago and asked that the credits reflect his latest moniker, according to the L.A. Times.

Mos Def has been playing Brother Sam, an ex-con turned man of God -- at least at first appearance. Bey/Mos/Smith/Mos Def had no comment.

Side note: Why is it that all my favorite artists always seem to have an identity crisis? (Are you listening to me, Prince, er, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, er, weird symbol thingie; oh, I mean Prince -- again?)