Kim's Fairytale Wedding Lives On, With An Asterisk

The end of the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries marriage has been a boon for gossip blogs and celebrity journalism in general, but it threatens to become a nuisance for E!, the cable channel that aired the two-part Kim wedding special (hilariously titled Kim’s Fairytale Wedding), and has had several different Kardashian-related shows airing at various times.

The immediate problem is that E! has continued to air the four hours of wedding programming about once a day ever since their premieres only three weeks ago.  It might look like overkill to many, but niche networks tend to run their hits into the ground. The initial airings of the wedding specials were among the highest-rated shows ever on E!, and the repeats have done better numbers than a run-of-the-mill True Hollywood Story would tend to get.

So when news of the divorce broke, E! didn’t pretend the embarrassment had never happened – its first instinct was to double down on the Kim. As detailed by the New York Times, the channel initially added a repeat of the wedding special to its primetime schedule on both Monday and Tuesday, perhaps assuming that the spectacle might draw a new audience of gloaters. Other repeats were scheduled through the end of the week. But as a sign that it realized what it was doing looked a little silly, E! planned to add a graphic acknowledging that the wedding people were watching was now completely moot.

As Monday turned into Tuesday, E! kept an eye on the Facebook and Twitter reaction to the divorce, and noted an anti-Kim turn to the commentary. As an apparent response, the channel then decided to drop the Tuesday wedding repeat less than 24 hours after it had been announced, and also removed every other planned repeat except for the one scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

While the Kardashian spinoff Kourtney and Kim Take New York is still scheduled to have its season premiere on November 27 (with Humphries slated to be at least a recurring character), it’s possible that the wedding special may soon be a permanent thing of the past, just as the marriage itself now is.