DWTS Results: David Goes Down Screaming

Nancy Grace covers a lot of murderers on her HLN show, but she’s racking up quite the body count herself on Dancing With The Stars. David Arquette was eliminated on Tuesday night, leaving Grace as perhaps the most unlikely member of a DWTS final five ever.

Arquette is from a famous acting family and has been a significant part of the Scream franchise, but for much of the audience, he is best known for his marriage to Courteney Cox, and for the tabloid excesses that surrounded the end of the marriage. To the extent coming on DWTS was a form of damage control for him, he seems to have succeeded; it helped that Cox was in the audience every week to cheer on her ex, along with their adorable daughter Coco (who gave an appropriate scowl when Daddy and his partner Kym Johnson got the bad news). David was in good humor as he got the news, cracking a “this is my show!” joke at the expense of Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

While Arquette proved to not be much of a natural dancer, he was always enthusiastic, sometimes unnervingly so. Seeing someone in recovery trying so hard to be upbeat might have given viewers the impression they would dooming him to a relapse if they voted him out. But for whatever reason, he didn’t seem to develop the fanbase of either Hope Solo or Nancy, both of whom have struggled more. Tom Bergeron specified that there was a bottom two this week and that Nancy was the one spared, so her surprising amount of fans will have their work cut out next week.

The primary entertainment for the night was provided by Justin Bieber, who has a Christmas album to plug. The news here is that Bieber has grown up (Selena Gomez will do that to a boy) and can’t really hit those high notes anymore. This may be the beginning of the end. We’ll know it’s the end of the end when he’s in Arquette’s position.