Happily Never After: A Kardashian Divorce

The “fairytale wedding” of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries didn’t even last as long as it takes to tell the average fairytale.

A mere ten weeks after the couple was married in an extravaganza of excess, and only three weeks after the two-night E! television special dedicated to the wedding, Kardashian has filed for divorce. Not surprisingly, the story was first broken by E! News. In a statement, the reality star said the decision was made after “careful consideration,” which would mark a first for this relationship (she only met Humphries, a forward for the NBA’s New Jersey Nets, earlier this year).

Tabloid reports that the marriage was in trouble started almost right away, no doubt spurred by footage of Kardashian and Humphries together. The couple had little apparent affection, and Humphries never seemed very excited about marrying into America’s most publicity-hungry family. No one named Kardashian ever does anything if not for money, and the wedding was no exception; in fact, given the quickie divorce, people will now be entitled to assume it was all about the cash to begin with. Most of the goods and services for the multi-million dollar cost of the ceremony were freebies, and the Kardashians made millions on selling the special to E!, wedding photos, and other access. And the union was a boon for E!, which has aired reruns of the wedding specials constantly since the October 9 and 10 premieres.

Kardashian spent the time after her honeymoon filming a new season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, which premieres November 27. Her adjustment to married life was going to be a key storyline, but it now appears as if Season 2 will be able to cover the entirety of the Kim K/Humphries union, including the way it ended. No word yet on if a script for the big breakup scene has been finalized yet or not.