RECAP: The Secret Circle, Gain One, Lose One

Cassie is laying in her enormous comfy bed when a sound awakens her. This is some kind of blurry filter all over so it might be a dream.  She looks out the window to see a blonde boy burning a bonfire by Nick's house.  She hides behind her curtain and after a few seconds the fire goes out. Heady stuff, I know.

Cut to: Morning time! Grams is baking some cookies and muffins and this and that for Nick's wake, as she informs Cassie who passes over this information without even acknowledging it as she's so excited for her own turn to talk.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, Nick's dead whatever. She breathlessly asks Grams about the mysterious blonde and Grams helpfully supplies the information that it must be Jake, Nick's never-before-mentioned older brother.  Cassie mentions that it might be best that the circle is broken, and Grams drops an egg of knowledge on her, telling her that the circle isn't broken, that the spell binds them to bloodlines so the circle now includes Jake. Cassie flips out and says she can't deal with this "right now" which really begs the question "When are you planning on dealing with any of this, Cassie?" Grams tries to instill in her a sense of purpose and her place in the world but Cassie just throws up a mad frownie face and bails.

Killer Dad Charles pops in on an appropriately mournful Diana who is looking through a box of photos for something to take to the wake. They reminisce about when Nick was a young lad and then Diana gets upset about the pure senselessness of the world and Charles, who again, killed Nick, tells her he doesn't have any answers for her.

At the Boathouse, Cassie runs into Adam's drunk dad Ethan, and is surprised when Adam and Diana are in charge of the funeral.  Adam and Diana seem like the most reasonable people to be in charge of anything at all so I don't understand Cassie's surprise.  Adam is annoyed to hear that Jake is back, and tells Cassie that Jake used to work at the Boathouse and stole "everything" they had, Diana helpfully adding that Adam's family almost lost the Boathouse.  Let's sidebar here for a second. What kind of insane Scrooge-McDuck-like moneypile was Ethan keeping in the Boathouse that a punk 17-year-old could easily take "everything" you owned and almost bankrupt your business? At most, wouldn't the till only have money from that day's transactions? He could take some alcohol, some kitchen appliances maybe, but this literally makes no sense and if it's true, shows Ethan to be the world's worst business owner and deserving of bankruptcy.

Faye and Melissa are talking at the Boathouse, and Faye makes some kind of dismal attempt to cheer Melissa up but then she gets distracted and starts to freak out when she spies Jake through the window. Cue Jake rolling in, all blonde and smiles and thanking Adam for holding the wake at the Boathouse. Adam is practically twitching and gritting his teeth but makes it through the exchange okay.  Thatta boy.  Jake says hey to Cassie and then rolls back out again. Pretty much just strolling around, making his presence known.

Faye then says the most awesomely awesome thing in the history of The Secret Circle, "Thank God he didn't see me, I have had an outfit planned for the past two years and this was not it."  Apparently they used to date, unsurprising since evil is drawn to evil.  Melissa tries to remind Faye that Jake treated her like crap. Faye has a plan to make him regret this, and why am I not surprised. Melissa gets ready to leave and Faye tells her she needs to get herself together, and that she can't just mourn her whole life.  With a look that exudes 'you absolutely don't effing get it", Melissa says "It's been two days." Faye is probably the worst, and for her reaction Jessica Parker Kennedy deserves an award for that moment alone, holding her sadness so close that it holds her down, but realizing that it's not at all time to let go yet.

At the Chamberlain home, Grams wants to talk about how Nick's death wasn't an accident with Dawn, who awesomely and secretly pulls a knife out and lays it on the counter. I bet she's going to CHOP A LEMON for TEA and this is all misleading. We'll see. Grams tells Dawn that it was a demon, and Dawn looks uh, fauxprised. Dawn looks fauxprised again about the circle being bound, and Grams wants her help to watch over the kids. She quickly agrees like the smug lying conniving Chamberlain she is.

At the abandoned witch club house the circle discusses bringing Jake into the circle, there are pros, there are cons, everyone's a bit yelly and then there is a fire outside.  Adam has to remind everyone that they can use their powers to put it out and they dully chant a spell to put it out. What's left is some kind of crescent moon shape which they then dully discuss. Why is everyone always acting so dull about their magic? At least Faye gets that it's exciting.

Cassie decides it's important enough to bother night nurse Grams at the hospital, probably putting people's lives at risk, but that's fine. In Chance Harbor, witchcraft comes first. Grams tells Cassie that the crescent moon shape is an ancient symbol meaning 'go the hell away, I'm busy working' ha ha, no she tells her it means 'conquest' and Cassie makes her confused face. Someone is threatening the circle! Obviously! Like every other episode!

Jake is messing around on a boat (did he sail there?) when Faye appears out of nowhere in her fancy outfit. Jake drolly notes that she's all dressed up and Faye is annoyed, telling him to get over himself.  I'm excited because the only person worse than Faye who can actually handle Faye may just have been injected into this series. I look forward to passionate fights and broadcast-acceptable sex scenes. The two of them do some staring and flirting and some fight-flirting. Faye asks about the fire and Nick gets weiiiiiird.

Dawn tells Killer Dad Charles that Grams could have ruined everything but that she handled it. Right, by numbly agreeing to everything the other person asked her. That's how I handle stuff too, Dawn! Then she asks a very bored looking Charles if she's boring him. Ha ha, I love it, they're not even in a real relationship and they're having some dumb couple fight. Dawn starts scheming about Grams having a crystal,  and how they can steal it, and glum Charles seems downcast about the whole thing.

Back at Cassie's house, the palatial Blake residence which is the most like a haunted mansion than any other house in Chance Harbor, Cassie makes a call to Diana who doesn't pick up. Then Cassie notices that there's a stranger in her house.  A haunted looking girl who has some weird weapon. Instead of running or fighting back immediately, Cassie asks her what she wants. Always so considerate, that girl. Anyway, turns out this girl wants to stab Cassie so they tussle and Cassie screams which alerts Jake who rushes over and begins to perform a spell on the intruder. Cassie joins him in the spell. After the intruder leaves, Jake and Cassie chit chat about being witches and about how Jake found his own Book of Shadows ages ago. Jake correctly assesses the circle as being a bunch of kids in way over their heads. Cassie looks offended but can't really argue. Grams shows up and wants to know what's going on.  In the world's dumbest recapitulation, Cassie tells her and Grams shoos Jake out of the house.

Diana and Adam are driving, talking and driving, driving and talking. They park when they see Jake and Cassie standing around on the sidewalk. All I can think is that this is some attempt to have action take place somewhere other than the Boathouse or School or a house. The four of them speculate that the attempted murderer was a witch, and then Adam storms off after saying he's glad Cassie's okay. Diana calls him on it and says he's acting like a jealous boyfriend, and not hers. YEAH DIANA, YOU TELL 'IM.

Melissa heads over to Nick's house, lets herself in and visits his room. This is pretty much like her room, since we only have ever seen her in this context. She walks around, touching things, holding his jacket, before listening to a sad song and laying in his bed crying. Melissa, I have been there.  I'm reminded of a song on Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill yeah, I know, I can't believe me either that's about a girl being in her lover's house without permission, and it ends like this:

So forgive me love.

If I cry in your shower.

So forgive me love.

For the salt in your bed.

So forgive me love.

If I cry all afternoon.

I feel for Melissa, I really do, not only has she lost Nick and is struggling to find herself, she's dealing with Faye's insensitivity and her burgeoning witchcraft, not to mention regular teenage problems. What would have made Nick's death more compelling would have been if we knew more of their relationship, but we were just getting to a place of understanding, of seeing what she saw in him. And then he died, and we will never know what it was they had.  Things get softer as we remember them, the farther away the less easy it is to remember them accurately and Melissa's relationship with Nick will either define her for the rest of the series, or give her the strength she needs to pull herself out from under the shadow of Faye.

The circle begins to argue over Jake and his powers, at the abandoned witch house. Adam leaves in a huff, his specialty, and Diana asks Cassie if they can trust Jake since the two of them seemed to have a special bond. This attracts Faye's attention who perks right up and lays into Cassie, telling her that Jake will just sleep with her and leave her, but maybe that's what Cassie's into. Cassie wisely rolls her eyes, because, oh my god, be more transparently crazy, Faye.

Grams is cleaning Cassie's wound, and then decides it's time to entrust a child with an all-powerful magical device, so she pulls out a crystal from a secret hiding place, and gives it to Cassie.  Grams tells Cassie that the crystal will magnify her powers but that she can't share it with the others. I'm pretty sure Cassie will lose this magical important crystal in about twenty minutes, tops. Grams tells her to keep it a secret cause people will lose their minds over it.

Jake meets the scary would-be killer witch lady Simone at a motel, and attacks her. Apparently Simone is something other than a witch, and followed Jake here. She seems to know Jake, maybe even be working with him.  Jake takes Cassie's blood back, and the two share some more confusing statements about what exactly is going on.

It's time for the wake! At the Boathouse! There's kind of a lot of rollicking music, brightly lit.  I guess wakes are different than funerals.  Faye is taking some recreational drugs, Cassie is judgey about it as one only would be, and then Faye takes an emotional swipe at her (accusing her of liking Jake) as Melissa walks in.  Faye offers her some drugs and Melissa just shrugs it off without even pausing. I love the new Melissa.

Because it is... any time of the day, Ethan Conant is drinking, Adam watches him with concern. You know, like the child of an alcoholic person might, and goes up to talk to his dad. Ethan starts rambling about the wake for all the kids' parents sixteen years ago, saying that Amelia didn't show up. Ethan mentions someone named Blackwell and when Adam asks about it, Ethan clams up good. Adam gets distracted by Jake talking to Cassie and tries to go break up that little conversation. Jake gets a good jab in, saying that Adam's probably just drunk like his dad.  Ha ha, Jake. The two begin to fight until Cassie and Diana break them up.  Cassie leads Jake away and they run into Killer Dad Charles, who fumbles with apologies for the death and calls him Nick. Having some guilt, eh?  Charles keeps mumbling about history and the meaning of life until Dawn pulls him away.

Cassie and Jake were having a heart to heart out on the deck, doing some mild flirting, talking about the past.  You now, witch stuff.  Simone shows up at the wake, and watches Jake through a window.  This is supposed to be scary, but nothing really is happening, to be honest. We just... see that she is there.

Diana finds Ethan down in the basement, drunk. She brought him some coffee, aw, Diana is clearly the best and brightest of the bunch.  Ethan asks Diana if she loves Adam, and then tells Diana that it doesn't matter, cause Adam and Cassie are written in the stars.  If anyone doesn't deserve to be sideswiped like that, it's Diana. She looks stricken and confused. He keeps going, telling her to let Adam go.  This is what happens when you take pity on the drunks, people. No good deed goes unpunished.  Diana really should though. It's obvious that she's going to head off to the college of her choice, and there are millions of dudes that AREN'T in love with Cassie Blake to choose from.

Faye is teetering precariously on the railing around the Boathouse, you know, just doing some dumb Faye stunt, when Melissa storms up and tries to get her to stop. Faye babbles about Jake some more and Melissa blows up, telling her this is supposed to be about Nick. Faye tries to save face and says that Nick loved Melissa, and Melissa calls her bullshit but it's still a sweet moment as the two of them hug.  Best friendships can be hard to navigate, especially one where the weaker party is finding their footing, but Faye is surfacing out of herself enough to begin to accept and understand Melissa. I'm just glad Melissa isn't relying on Faye for comfort because holding onto a piece of ice will just burn your hand.

Cassie tells Adam he deserved to get punched in the face. They bicker for a few seconds about their feelings, you know, the usche.  Diana sees the two of them talking and stares, coldly.  First she pushes them together then she freaks out and shoots daggers out of her eyes, WOMEN, AMMIRIGHT? Cassie catches a glimpse of Simone and Jake outside and follows them.  Simone tells Jake he'll never be able to complete the mission and then pulls a knife on him. Cassie uses her secret crystal to shut that crap down and then Jake stabs Simone with her own knife.  It's almost Shakespearean in scope.

Jake shows up at Cassie's house to talk to her. I think they have a forever-love because they're both blonde.  Adam and Diana are both brunettes! If this was a Western, I'd have cracked the code.  Jake starts lying to her about the other witch being there to scavenge power or some such nonsense. Cassie goes into her wounded dove routine about being powerless and not knowing the big bad world.  Cassie lies right back at him about getting the knife to fly out of her hand.  Well done, Cass, naivete doesn't suit you my dear. The two of them argue about Jake staying in Chance Harbor, and Cassie does some convincing. Jake gets lost in her pretty face and agrees to stick around for a bit.

Adam is cleaning up at the Boathouse when Diana surprises him.  She brings up the conversation with his drunken father, all that pesky Forever Love Written in The Stars crap and Adam tries to reassure her that it's nothing, that he loves her. Diana isn't buying it.  She sees the way Adam looks at Cassie, and like so many women before her, knows what she wants. When you love someone for so long, you can sense them pulling away, sense that connection dissipate and Diana wants to be truly loved. Diana ends up telling Adam to get his shit together and breaks up with him. He's on the verge of tears but can't really say anything to stop what's in motion.

Diana shows up at Cassie's house and tells her without formality that she broke up with Adam. Cassie is shocked and doesn't know what to say or do.  Diana tells Cassie it was because of her, and then says she didn't have anyone else to talk to since Adam was her best friend, so she came to Cassie. And this is the ultimate sadness, that the one person you have to turn to is the person who has taken your world away from you.

Jake shows up at some kind of boat warehouse and has to answer to a creepy man about Simone's death.  It turns out that Jake is a witch-hunter! He is committed to bringing an end to witchcraft in Chance Harbor.  At least it's not vampires.