WHAT2WATCH: Project Runway Sews Up Another Season

With Project Runway now in its ninth season, it’s time to again wonder if the show might be running out of talented young designers to spotlight. The overall skill level seemed down this time around. Take ex-beauty queen Anya, one of the four who has made the season finale (Lifetime, Thursday 9 p.m.). She probably has the best imagination of the bunch, but she’s also from outside the United States (Trinidad), something Runway has rarely needed to do in the past. And her lack of basic technical skill should have been disqualifying somewhere along the line, and likely would have been in most Runway seasons, including at least the first four.

Handicapping the final four: Kimberly hasn’t shown that she has it in her to pull out a win at this late date. Joshua has some talent, but the judges don’t really seem to like him much, and he’s probably there mostly for snark purposes. Viktor is easily the best at tailoring, and he’s hit the mark more often than not. But I think the judges want Anya to win, and if she can pull it together after her near-fatal choke last week, look for them to concoct a rationale to give her the title.

Also this week:

Monday: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo, 9 p.m.): I wouldn’t say I exactly like new quasi-Housewife Brandi, but she’s at least done a fine job of calling out the increasingly vile Kyle on her endless hypocrisy. This week, Adrienne, who seems to have just about checked out of this show, invites everyone over for a luxury spa date.

Tuesday: Man Up! (ABC, 8:30 p.m.): For reasons that aren’t immediately apparent, this series is set in Gahanna, Ohio, which really does exist. It’s a suitably random touch for this generic-looking sitcom, which this week tries to get some mileage out of the concept of the “bromance.” Come on people. At least try.

WednesdaySurvivor: South Pacific (CBS, 8 p.m.): The most interesting thing about the season thus far is Brandon’s version of misogyny, which goes beyond Jeff Probst’s typical jock-worship into some truly weird psychosexual territory. This week, one of the players breaks new ground strategically, something not often seen after 23 seasons.

Friday: Chuck (NBC, 8 p.m.): The final season begins with Chuck facing a new world – he’s no longer housing the Intersect, and he is trying to build his new business. He gets some help in the latter venture, but it’s not the most trustworthy kind. Chuck probably wishes he could go back retail at this point.

Saturday: Zombie Apocalypse (Syfy, 8 p.m.): What could be better than a Syfy Saturday movie … about zombies taking over the world … on Halloween weekend? Three little words: “Starring Ving Rhames.” If I have to explain why this is the most awesome thing happening all week, you may already be a zombie. Get away from me!

Sunday: The Simpsons (Fox, 8 p.m.): It’s time for “Treehouse of Horror,” which may have its weirdest cameo ever this week in Aron Ralston of 127 Hours fame, who gives Homer advice when his arm is trapped by a boulder. Also, Bart and Millhouse wind up in an Avatar spoof, and Flanders turns into a secret avenger.