TV-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas for 2011

We aren't afraid to admit that we love Halloween, even though we've been too old to trick-or-treat for 27 a handful of years.

Since we also love TV, coming up with television-inspired costumes for the most sugar-coated holiday of the year seems like a natural fit. And it's not as obvious as it might seem, since creatures that are usually traditional go-to Halloween costumes -- vampires, witches and werewolves -- have been made to look like everyday people by shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

So if you're still stumped for ideas, here are eight ensembles that you could probably put together before the big party this weekend. And just for good measure, here's our list from last year, the majority of which is still relevant TV.

Happy haunting!


Beavis and Butt-head: This costume is probably best to wear to a party with people aged 30+, who remember B&B (which returns to MTV this Thursday) from their high school or college days. For Butt-head: Score a black AC/DC shirt, red shorts, white socks and sneakers. Don't wash your hair for a few days prior, and for God's sake, certainly don't brush it. For Beavis, you'll need a Metallica shirt (preferably blue), gray or black shorts, white socks, sneakers and t.p. for your bunghole. If you're not blonde, get some yellow hairspray and poof up your 'do.

Walk around playing the air guitar all night, and "heh-heh" at everyone's jokes.

This ensemble is probably best suited for dudes who aren't in the market for a new lady friend.

Walter or Jesse from Breaking Bad: Neither one of these guys is a real fashion plate, so you can likely round up something usable in your own closet. For Jesse, a pair of baggy jeans, a too-big loose graphic print t-shirt and big zip-up hoodie (and a knit hat, if it's cold) will do the trick -- and don't forget your pack of smokes. For Walt, opt for a button down shirt, black jeans and a pair of old-guy glasses. (Or, if you have access to a hazmat-type suit and face mask, that would work, too.) The key to pulling off this outfit, though, is to carry around a large baggie of blue crystals -- you can probably pick up a bag of properly-colored glass rocks from a craft store or the dollar store for less than $5.

Sookie from True Blood: Let's face it, unless she's having one of her little sex fantasies, Sookie Stackhouse doesn't have a difficult wardrobe to recreate. Hair in a ponytail, white fitted t-shirt (use a green Sharpie to mock the Merlotte's logo), black shorts or pants, a little apron and a few bites marks to the neck, and you're instantly Sookie at work.

For added oomph, create makeshift, invisible suspenders using fishing wire and use them to hold up a hula hoop around your body. Then cut out photos of other True Blood creatures from magazines or the internet (vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies, etc.) and have them 'orbiting' around you.


A Walker from The Walking Dead: Sure, zombie attire is a Halloween staple any year. But thanks to The Walking Dead, the creepy, decomposing creatures are enjoying their biggest moment in the spotlight since Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

The clothing is a piece of cake -- just let some stuff you don't care about get really, really dirty, and then shred it up. The make-up and gore are what's important here. The best zombies will carefully showcase the way they died. Think: a ripped-open throat, a gunshot to the eye, or a good, old-fashioned disembowelment.

If you're truly committed to the look, let yourself (or clothing) get really smelly beforehand, and shuffle around dragging one leg all night. (These moves will also allow you to drink with wild abandon because nobody will pay attention your stumbling.)


Anyone from Basketball Wives: Anybody who has seen this reality show, which showcases the wives, girlfriends, baby mamas and/or exes of NBA players will understand why this is a great costume. It allows you to be super girly (and sexy, if you choose), but it's easy to make your own as well.

Most of the Miami cast lives in long, flowy dresses or short, tight dresses, so there are choices for everyone. Your staples are: A pair of gaudy earrings no smaller than the size of your hand (fingers included); the highest of stiletto heels and a carry-on sized handbag, which you could fill with fake money, and/or children (baby dolls), and/or the phone numbers of 100 other NBA players.

To complete your ensemble, take a cheap, adjustable ring base and glue on miniature basketball (a toddler's bath toy would work well) as the bauble. Wear it on your ring finger. Optional: A bucket and shovel filled with gold.

And don't forget the attitude -- it's your most important accessory.

Pan Am flight attendant: If you don't have the time to scrounge up or create a replica of the uniforms in Pan Am, you could still pull off the look wearing a fitted suit with a pencil skirt, a pillbox hat, a pair of white gloves and a travel bag. Finding such items could be as easy as hitting up a thrift or vintage store.

In the time you have before Halloween, practice your sexy strut -- which will even look better if you can round up a few girlfriends to dress up and walk with you, too.


Extreme Couponer: Last year, we suggested being a hoarder for Halloween and to be honest, this costume could be largely the same. Gather up all the coupons you can find and glue them onto every visible inch on your body. For added authenticity, carry a binder that is (supposedly) full of coupons, a gigantic grocery list -- and, if you're really committed to your look and won't be in cramped quarters, consider pushing a shopping cart filled with high-calorie, processed foods. And include a beer and some snacks for your pleasure -- you've gotta have some kind of reward for such a high-maintenance costume.

Noodler: Just to make sure we were offering the proper direction with this costume, we consulted the Hillbilly Handfishin' page on the Animal Planet website and found out that a properly decked-out noodler will have: Old, ratty clothes that won't be too heavy if waterlogged; tight fitting leather gloves and canvas sneakers, to protect your extremities from fish bites; a long stick to poke for catfish nesting holes, and sandbags to block their escape routes from said holes.

And obviously, for the purposes of this outfit, you'll need to carry around a giant fish or two.

Beauty pageant queen: The costume won't look nearly as ridiculous as it does on the five-year-olds featured on Toddlers & Tiaras, but you can still easily make your point. Get yourself the darkest spray tan that money can buy the day before your event; a giant, Dolly Parton-worthy wig; some big, fake white teeth and a skin tight, revealing outfit encrusted in sequins. Top things off with about 10 pounds of heavily applied makeup and -- duh -- a nice, big tiara.