CBS And Fred Durst Are In Business Together

Producers and networks are already beginning to plan the next batch of shows that will replace this year’s failures in the fall of 2012. At this early phase, dozens of crazy ideas get considered that thankfully never make it on the air, and lordy, let’s seriously hope that this is one of them: Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Fred Durst, onetime frontman of the defunct dolt-rock band Limp Bizkit, has signed a deal with CBS and CBS Studios to develop and star in a sitcom.

Durst is listed as a co-producer on the project (as if he’d get hired for a gig like this any other way), which has the presumably tentative (if fitting) title of Douchebag. The comedy would star Durst as a “rock legend” who has to balance family life with the demands of fans who expect a certain amount of carousing and bad behavior.

Sitcoms are red hot right now, which means a lot of things are being pitched without much forethought. But even considering that, this is a project with multiple problems:

1. Durst isn’t an actor – he was barely believable even as a musician.

2. His heyday lasted for just a few years at the turn of the century – he was never famous famous, and the traditional CBS audience isn’t likely to have any idea who he is.

3. A huge percentage of the people who do know who Durst is never liked him. Both he and his music are widely considered to be badly dated jokes. And if you were a Limp Bizkit fan, you’re probably spending your evenings playing video games or serving time on domestic violence charges – groups that don’t really show up in the Nielsens.

4. The general idea of Douchebag already been tried on shows like The Osbournes, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and other reality shows that have been edited with sitcom rhythms. Why would someone watch a fictional series starring someone who is scarcely remembered when you already have real-life examples starring people who are better known and better liked?

5. Did we mention Durst isn’t an actor?

If there’s any consolation, it’s that CBS is rolling merrily along in the early weeks of this season, and is likely to have its usual shortage of available spots in its future lineups … which means this bit of news is probably going to be as close as Durst ever comes to giving us a good laugh.