How to Throw a Killer Dexter Party

Even though Dexter is both a serial killer and a sociopath, it's hard not to root for a man that rids the world of bad guys.

So when America's favorite crime scene investigator/murderer (Michael C. Hall) returns for a sixth season at 9 p.m. Sunday on Showtime, we think it's appropriate to throw him a little par-tay. After all, he's still adjusting to Rita's death and being a single father, not to mention recovering from a brutal stretch during which he let somebody (Lumen, played by Julia Stiles) sit front and center with his Dark Passenger for the first time.

The guy could use a little support, man. And with Halloween right around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to get into the spirit of scary.

We've got some tips on how to throw a killer Dexter season premiere party:

NAME TAGS: Maybe everyone already knows one another, but name tags are a great and simple way to add some Dexter flair to the shindig. Just tear off strips of duct tape, crudely print people's names with a blood red Sharpie and stick them to people's shirts as they arrive.

FOOD: You have several choices here, depending on how ambitious you feel. First option is a Cuban theme that includes pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato fries and baked beans -- dishes that also feel like fall.

You could go with the things Dexter likes to eat, but it will have more of a breakfast-y vibe. Think donuts, blood oranges, sunny side up eggs, pancakes and steaks (cooked rare, of course!).

Or, make it super easy on yourself and just order pizzas. (Remember Dex's pizza nights with Rita and the kids?)

For dessert: Key Lime Pie, of course, but minus the poison he used to mercy kill his cancer-ridden friend, Camilla. And/or you can make up some gingerbread men, then sever all their body parts.

And as long as you don't have any sociopaths attending, go ahead and set out several butcher knives to cut the above treats.

DRINKS: If you choose the breakfast option above, you must go with Bloody Marys. Keeping with a red cocktail theme, you could serve vodka with cranberry juice, too. Let party-goers mix their own cocktails and serve the liquor shots in syringes.

For some variety, opt for Dex's favorite after-work beverage, and stock up on six packs of beer.

For the non drinkers, offer virgin pina coladas, a Miami favorite.

DECOR: Cover the walls of your viewing area and hallway with sheets of plastic and spatter them with fake blood. If you can get them, hang snapshots of your party guests on the walls and surround them by candles.

Cover your food service table with a large piece of butcher paper, and draw the outline of a body on it. Spatter it with fake blood. Use glass slides and the red Sharpie as ID tags for each dish you're serving -- and don't forget to add a bloody fingerprint off to the side of each slide.

If you're feeling super ambitious, deck out your bathroom with the sheets of plastic and blood spatter as well, and fill your bathtub with fake blood. Smear bloody hand prints on the bathtub wall. (I read using Karo syrup in addition to water and red food coloring makes the blood look more realistic.)

Let's say you don't wanna scrub down your entire bathtub after a Sunday night party. Option two involves way less mess: Fill your tub with water. Add a floating toy boat to it, and then dismember a handful of cheap Barbie or Ken-like dolls from the Dollar Store and leave them submerged in the water.

PARTING GIFTS: Get some miniature trash bags in black (Hint: Dog poop collection bags come in black and you can get a whole roll for about $3.).

Add a few rubbery body parts to each bag. We vote for toes, because then you can tie on a toe tag with each person's name, plus invent their cause of death. (Heart attack from too many Dexter donuts; stabbed by another party-goer; drowned in the bathtub, etc.)

Add one of the Dexter ballpoint pen syringes from the Showtime store, and last but not least, a pack or two of Life Savers.... not that they'll help...