New Animated Series From the It's Always Sunny Team

A new animated series from the production company that brought us It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and to be paired with Archer? (Is is Christmas already? What have we done to deserve this stroke of good fortune?) According to Deadline, FX has signed a $50-million dollar deal with RCG Productions, and Unsupervised is the first series to be picked up.

"Unsupervised, created and executive produced by Sunny‘s Rob Rosell, Scott Marder and David Hornsby, is a comedy about optimistic best friends Gary and Joel navigating the harsh landscape of teenage life and trying to do what’s right without any parental guidance whatsoever. Its voice cast includes Justin Long, Kristen Bell, Romany Malco, Fred Armisen, Kaitlin Olson and Alexa Vega, along with Rosell and Hornsby"

Even though the guys from It's Always Sunny won't be starring in it, Kaitlin Olson will, and we can hope for some Charlie Day cross over action.  In the mean time, check out that talent, this is going to be amazing.