Charlie Sheen Is Back And Sounding … Sane?

Because his media blitz earlier this year went so well (the one that led directly to his firing from Two and a Half Men), Charlie Sheen is doing an encore, timed to promote the Comedy Central roast that was taped this past weekend for an initial showing on Monday.

Sheen will pop up on Thursday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and will also appear on Friday’s Today in an interview with Matt Lauer. The Today interview has already been taped – surely you didn’t believe he was going to wake up that early? – and highlights have been released. Not surprisingly, Mr. Vatican Assassin Warlock seems to be having a few second thoughts about the insanity of this past winter and spring, and is rocking a more mature image these days.

In the chat with Lauer, Sheen implied that his ranting was mostly just an act: “I don’t know, the tiger blood – it was so silly and people took it so seriously and I figured all right, I’ll continue to give the people what they want.” Does he regret the repeated tirades that led to the loss of his $20 million job? Sheen is too much of an egomaniac to ever admit that, but he tiptoed to the edge, telling Lauer, “I don’t believe in fear and defeat is not an option, and I had to live by those mottos, regardless of how I felt. But yeah, looking back on it, I don’t think I would trade it, but there are portions of it I would have amended a little bit.”

You may be thinking that it’s unusual for someone to do publicity for their own roast, but Sheen has an ulterior motive or two, because the roast airs at the same time as the season premiere of Two and a Half Men on CBS. Sheen isn’t so conciliatory as to not want to prove to the world that his old show can’t survive without him (as he has repeatedly claimed for months). And even though his Anger Management sitcom project still seems to be a go, he certainly has a vested interest in proving to producers and studio executives that he can be trusted with future jobs.