Party Down, Where'd You Guys Go?

Awwww, you guys, the other day I was wishing I could watch Party Down and wondering what had happened to everybody on the show so I decided to do some investigating.  Party Down was the kind of show that could have made it if it was given even one more season to prove itself.  People had just started to hear about it when it was tanked by the Starz network.  The idea was simple enough, a group of actors worked as caterers in Los Angeles, and every episode featured a different catered event ranging from anything as mundane as a funeral to something as strange as an orgy.  The show was vibrantly funny, always surprising, completely unexpected and because it relied on such a simple premise, was free to go absolutely nuts with outcomes.  For example, one of the best episodes involves the group putting on an impromptu play at actor Steve Guttenberg’s house.  Pour out a glass of cheap chardonnay and eat a shrimp puff from the silver tray as we take a look at where everyone is these days.

Adam Scott (Henry) has been pretty firmly ensconced in the world of Parks and Recreation playing the adorable and lovable love interest to Amy Poehler’s character. (Actually they have kind of a big arc going right now with those two, excited to see what happens in the new season)  While he wasn’t intended to stay on the show forever, we all loved him so much they figured out a way for him to stay.  He’s also been in a few movies coming up, including one with fellow Party alum, Lizzy Caplan, called Bachelorette. Are we having fun yet?

Lizzy Caplan (Casey) Gorgeous complicated Casey, always toying with Henry’s heart.  Well, after she pulled off the pink bow-tie, Caplan was in the highly acclaimed 127 Hours, and has been appearing in a few episodes of TV and in feature films here and there.  Not only is she in a film with Scott, but she’s currently filming one (Save the Dave) that Martin Starr appears in as well.

Ken Marino (Ron) has found a happy home on the demented Children’s Hospital.  In fact it looks as if Children’s Hospital has taken up most of Mullaley and Marino’s time, neither of them have much else going on movie or TV wise.

Ryan Hansen (Kyle) seems to have starred in a couple small films and is appearing this fall on an NBC sitcom called Friends with Benefits that premiered last Friday night.  No telling quite yet if it’s good or not, but we’re happy for the requisite pretty-boy of the group.

Martin Starr (Roman) Ahh Starr, who captured our hearts completely as the loveable geek Bill Haverchuck on Freaks and Geeks.  Bill how we loved you! Looks like he’s had a few guest spots on a bunch of TV shows including Children’s Hospital, NTSF: SD: SUV, and another favorite of mine, The League.  The episode where Roman got to experience the sweet taste of fame while pretending to be a rock star was perhaps one of the best in the history of Party Down.

Megan Mullaley (Lydia) Another connection to Scott, Mullaley has appeared on a few episodes of Parks and Recreation as psycho crazed ex wife to Ron (Nick Offerman) who is married to her in real life, making for some pretty hysterical interactions. She also has a connection to Marino with whom she has appeared in over 30 episodes of Children’s Hospital.

Jane Lynch (Constance) is also spending most of her time with the Glee crowd, and man, I didn’t know this but she was sporadically on Two and a Half Men for six years? Other than that, plenty of smaller appearances in film and TV, and she’s going to be hosting the Emmys on September 18th!

Also they keep talking movie, mostly just to get everyone excited and whipped into a frenzy (can you say ‘Arrested Development movie’?) but according to this report of something that was said at the Alamo Drafthouse recently: “producer Rob Thomas said, "People are talking to us about doing a Party Down movie, and we are pretty far down the deal-making process with that ... Ideally, if it works out, we could be shooting in television hiatus time next spring.”

Uhhh, that would be awesome. Although I can’t really imagine what a movie would be like other than just an extended episode.  Here's hoping that we get a tiny taste more of what was so very tasty the first two seasons around.