Is Snooki A True Hollywood Star? Discuss.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is getting the true celeb seal of approval on Wednesday: her own E! True Hollywood Story (10 p.m.). That she’s never acted or even lived in Hollywood is just a formality, we suppose.

Are there really one hour’s worth of things to say about Snooki, given that the sum total of her interesting life experiences appears to be Jersey Shore, which hasn’t even been on two years yet? E! is assuring us that the answer is yes, and considering that the ratings for her show have possibly not yet peaked (next week’s premiere of the Italy-based season will be a test ), it’s a good gamble for the channel.

Snooki might not come off as the world’s brightest bulb on Jersey Shore, but she seems to have an intuitive sense that the ride could stop at any time, which would explain why she’s branched out into areas such as novel “writing” and fashion design. Establishing an identity apart from the other Shore kids is the inevitable next step, even if the rumored Dancing With the Stars appearance doesn’t come off.