Potential Spin-Offs for Harry Potter

With The Deathly Hallows Part II, the world of Harry Potter comes to an end. But does it have to? Here are five characters and their potential Potterific spin-offs Hollywood will at least consider for five solid seconds.

1. Neville Longbottom

This would seem pretty obvious as the Potter series showed him to be an increasingly burgeoning hero. Like some of the magical species of Neville's more botanical obsessions, by the time Potter is about to have his High Noon moment with Lord Voldemort, Longbottom is busy saving everyone else at Hogwarts' arses. While Potter was always our continual, tortured hero, carrying a burden no one should have to bear, Longbottom was the seed Rowling planted from the beginning, teasing us in regard to his level of importance. He may not have been the Chosen One, or The Boy Who Lived, for that matter, but in the end he was the de facto leader of Dumbledore's Army, swayer of the Gryffindor Sword that gave the death blow to the final Horcrux, Nagini (what the hell am I talking about?). It is only because of Neville that Potter is able to (SPOILER!!!) defeat Voldemort and live (Is that even a spoiler? Yes, Voldemort does not win, folks). In essence, he becomes the Boy Who Allowed the Boy Who Lived to Live Some More, and I think a three-movie franchise (at least) is in order.

Apparently, Neville goes on to become an Herbology professor at Hogwarts. That's part of the fun with Neville's character. He's part nerd and part badass, not unlike another professor (of archeology) with a franchise of his own. If ever a Potter character deserved a spin-off, it's this guy.

2. Charlie Weasley

If there was one character I think Rowling shortchanged us on, however, it's got to be Charlie Weasley. Why? Dragons. The guy's entire life was about working with dragons. You hear about him in the books, off somewhere in Romania studying dragons (he even makes a brief appearance in the first book, though not the movie). And one of the best sequences in all of the Harry Potter films was the dragon action of the Triwizard Tournament. Don't get me wrong, I love the movies and The Goblet of Fire isn't even in my top three of Potter films, but I would not have complained if we got more dragons in this series. Or at least some more hippogriffs. A Charlie Weasley movie could be anything from How to Train My Dragon to Dragonslayer. As long as there's, you know, dragons. And just because he's a Weasley doesn't mean they need to geek him up too much. According to Harry Potter Wiki, Charlie was something of a stud in his years at Hogwarts. OK, he was a prefect, but he was also a Quidditch Captain -- a legendary seeker -- and he ended up in the second Order of Phoenix that fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. So after that near-death experience, what did he do? He went back to work with dragons again. Like a boss.

3. Luna Lovegood

Certainly, there is a comedy waiting to be made starring Evanna Lynch as "Looney" Luna Lovegood, the spacey member of Harry's wizard posse. Luna remains one of the fondest of Potter characters because of her resounding faith, her eternal goodness, and her glass-is-half-full outlook on life. She has shown herself to be a competent wizard in battle, mastering the Patronus charm at an early age and, perhaps most memorably, nailing the job as Quidditch play-by-play analyst. She's also wonderfully nuts and because of that, for any screenwriter interested, the world is their oyster. There are wonderful prospects for a character who is wise, strong, and simultaneously clueless. If Mr. Magoo could see, and was a 16-year-old girl with blonde hair, he'd probably be something like Luna Lovegood. Maybe "Looney Luna" becomes a high-powered attorney for the ministry of magic? Hijinks ensue. Think Legally Blonde meets Law and Order: Ministry of Magic meets dragons (I am getting more dragons one way or another, make no mistake).

4. Dolores Umbridge

Stephen King called Dolores Umbridge "the greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lecter". Who am I to argue with the man who created Annie Wilkes? Of all the villains in the Potterverse, the one that sent the chills down my spine and had me gripping both ends of the hardcover book in violent, internal rage (and fear) wasn't Lord Voldemort. It was Dolores Umbridge. Now, at the end of Deathly Hallows, Umbridge (SPOILERS!!! AGAIN!!!) is sent to life in Azkaban (deservedly, I say). But this will not do. You do not take one of the greatest villains in the last 10 years, lock them up, and throw away the key. So Umbridge escapes from Azkaban (Hey, it's happened before. Speaking of which, that place is in serious need of a security overhaul.) and returns to terrorize wizards and muggles alike. This could be the first full-out R-rated horror film in the Potter world. Who's with me?

5. Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger

Harry's had his day in the sun, it's time for Ron to bask in the light. Gingers everywhere, rejoice! Harry, Ron, and Hermione (SPOILERS!!! READ THE BOOKS ALREADY!!!) all become aurors for the Ministry of Magic. Now, you could make a movie about all three again, but Harry's been done. He no doubt could figure into the plot somehow, but as a smaller, supporting character. Not a lead. Because this is about to get gingerific. Ron is working a case (think Law and Order: Ministry of Magic meets dragons again. NOT. LETTING. THIS. GO.), but in his crazy Weasley way, he's still a bit of a numbskull. Catching aurors is fun, but the work is kind of a drag. The more laborious details of the cases bore him to death. But his love for Wizard's Chess helps him see all the angles, so he's a pretty good auror. If only he maintained discipline. Luckily, behind every great wizard is an even greater witch. Hermione is always there to bail him out with some reliable book smarts and the discipline he so painfully lacks. And so the two try to juggle marriage, raising a family on a lousy wage, solving cases, chasing evil wizards, and Ron spending a lot of time at the Leaky Cauldron (think The Thin Man meets Undercover Blues. Just substitute martinis with butterbeer) playing Wizard's chess with Draco Malfoy, surveyor of all things in the criminal underworld. But Draco's really not all that bad, you see -- just misguided and so he feeds Ron information from time to time ... if Ron bests him in a game, that is. Meanwhile, Ron gets all the credit while Hermione rolls her eyes, the Kato to his Green Hornet. But it doesn't matter. She loves him. They're partners. Both at work and at life. I figure we have at least six movies worth of material before fans beg studios to mercifully stop.