Lisa Edelstein Is Leaving House

This probably has nothing to do with the shark-jumpingly bad "Huddy" storyline from this past season of House, but Lisa Edelstein, who has played adminstrator Lisa Cuddy on the Fox drama since its beginning, will not be returning to the show for an eighth season this fall.

Edelstein is among the House actors whose contracts expire at the end of the current season, and producers have been asking some of the veterans on the expensive show to take pay cuts. Negotiations with Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson) and Omar Epps (Foreman) were successful, but Edelstein opted to walk. According to, Edelstein had been making $175,000 per episode, pretty good dough considering House is a star-driven show and she isn't the star.

Her departure leaves House without a female regular other than Olivia Wilde, who herself seems about ready to transition to movies fulltime. All this news lends credence to the suspicion that before long, House will be diagnosing a terminal illness in the series he appears in.